Mt. Gilead Police Reports July 2 – July 8


03:30:00 – Arrested Jeremy Holman on East Center Street for a warrant out of Marion, and Mansfield. Both were for failure to appear.

10:27:00 – A man was traveling west on West High Street and the vehicle in front of him abruptly slowed down and turned onto Hickson Street. The man veered to the right to avoid hitting the vehicle and instead hit a telephone pole.

11:40:00 – The fair board staff reported a male subject going through the trash cans on the grounds. Due to recent incidents of people living in various places on the fairgrounds, they requested officers check on the man and verify who he is. Officer was not able to locate the male.

12:12:00 – A woman in the 200 block of West High Street called to report a telephone scam. She explained that a man called her home and claimed he was from the internal revenue service. He told her that she had to pay him money or she would be arrested today. She was aware this was a scam so when she hung up the phone she called the police to make them aware of it.

10:43:00 – A woman in the 800 block of Westview Drive advised she took her sister’s phone in order to force her sister to apologize for an earlier incident. The woman and her sister’s husband became engaged in an altercation. The woman advised she may have swung at him; he then hit the the woman in the face. Officer attempted to contact the man, he could not be found.

15:23:00 – Unknown caller reported a two vehicle crash at High street and Bank street. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate any vehicles that had been involved in a crash.

16:35:00- Kroger reported a theft that occurred on 06·30·2015.

20:16:00 – A man in the 500 block of Cypress Lane advised he found a wallet in one of his flower pots near the road. Upon officer’s arrival, the man stated he did not know where it came from and did not know the individual. The wallet had an Ohio drivers license in it and it belonged to a man in Mansfield. Officer advised dispatch to contact Mansfield Police and see if they would send a unit to the address on the drivers license and let him know the police department had his wallet.


07:57:00 – An unknown caller reported a male subject walking in the middle of the roadway on West High Street. While on the way, dispatch received another call stating the subject was close to McDonald’s. Officer located the man as he walked into McDonald’s. The man stated he had a seizure and was trying to get some water. Officer got some water for him and called for a squad. The man refused any kind of medical treatment and stated he wanted to go home. Officer transported the man to his residence.

19:45:00 – Dispatch advised she received a call about some juveniles on South Street. The caller advised he heard what sounded like glass break then saw several juveniles take off running down South St. Officer patrolled theareaand was unable to locate any juveniles in the area.

23:25:00 – Dispatch advised e.m.s was responding to Town [email protected] Lincoln Ave in reference to a male who was involved in a fight. Upon officer’s arrival, EMS was on scene and was talking to a man who advised he got into a fight. The man had several cuts on his face and was intoxicated. Officer asked the man who he got in a fight with and he stated “it did not matter”. Officer asked the man if he wanted to press charges and he stated no. EMS cleared the man and he asked if the officer could take him to his friend’s house on Highland Ave. Officer transported the man. Officer informed the man he not to be out in town causing problems and if the police department has to deal with him any more this evening he would be charged accordingly.


15:40:00 – A woman in the 200 block of N. Cherry St. advised her husband was violating their protection order.

21:16:00 – While on patrol, Officer noticed a female walking in the parking lot of the hospital who appeared to be struggling. As officer drove past the female, officer noticed she was crying. Officer stopped and made contact with the female and identified her, along with her son. Officer asked the woman what was wrong and she advised she had been brought in by EMS earlier in the day and was then released from the hospital but EMS was refusing to give her a ride back home. She advised she was disabled and was told by hospital staff and EMS she could walk home. The woman advised she did not have anyone else to come pick her up. Officer asked her where she lived and she advised on County Road 124. As officer was talking to the woman she fell down and passed out. Officer advised dispatch to contact MCH and advise them of the incident. The woman regained consciousness and was transported home by a deputy.

22:18:00 – A woman in the 600 block of Douglas Street advised she heard someone knocking on her back window. Upon arrival, officer patrolled the area and did not see anyone in the area.

22:40:00 – A man in the 200 block of N. Cherry St. advised one of his neighbors had built a fence and some of the fence was on his property. Upon officer’s arrival, officer spoke with the man who stated he noticed the fence was attached to his fence and that was not his neighbors property. Officer advised the man he would speak with his neighbor but he needed to contact the village administrator to get that taken care of or he could have his land surveyed. The man advised he just wanted the incident to be documented. Officer then spoke with the neighbor and advised him of the complaint. The neighbor advised he already talked to the village administrator and everything was ok. Officer advised the neighbor his neighbors thought otherwise. The man advised he would take the fence down where it connected to the neighbor’s and he would contact the village administrator

23:42:00 – While on patrol, Officer located several people outside the 300 block of Lockwood and noticed they were setting off fireworks. Officer stopped and made contact and identified the homeowner. Officer advised him of the complaint and advised him he could not set them off inside village limits. He apologized and advised he would not continue.


03:00:00 – Deputy requested assistance with a traffic stop at the 600 block of West Marion Road. Officer along with another aided the deputy in a search of Sherry Elkins’ vehicle. Deputy confiscated a green leafy substance, which appeared to be marijuana. Deputy cited the woman and released her.


13:45:00 – A man reported two expensive cameras missing from his residence in the 100 block of N. Vine St.

16:54:00 – The manager of Northwood Apartments reported that the cleaning people found drug paraphernalia in an apartment. The tenants recently moved out and the cleaning company found the items while cleaning the apartment. The items were destroyed at the police dept.

23:20:00 – An unknown caller reported a possible shot fired in the area of 105 North Walnut Street. Officer checked the area and spoke with two people outside who said a firework was shot off a few minutes earlier.


03:18:00 – M.C.F.C advised of a possible fire on W. Center Street. Upon arrival, officer went inside the residence and could not locate a fire.

09:43:00 – Employees at Hartman’s Printing advised there was a raccoon that had got inside their building and it appeared to be injured or sick. Dispatch advised they had already contacted the ODNR about the incident as well. Upon officer’s arrival, the raccoon was behind the building and had walked over to the Farmer’s co op.

21:24:00 – Officer noticed that the fuel pumps for the school buses had been left on in the 300 block of Park Ave. Dispatch made contact with a key holder who was going to come shut them off.


15:00:00 – A woman on W.High St. advised she is receiving calls and texts from her ex·boyfriend and his current girlfriend. She advised she had the number blocked once but now they are calling from a different number. Officer advised her he would contact them and advise them to stop and if it continues to contact the office.

21:40:00 – A woman in the 200 block of Lincoln Ave. reported that she and her boyfriend had been in an altercation on June 28, 2015. She stated that he assaulted her and she was sent to the hospital, also that she had been there and in the nursing home since the incident. She also stated that she did not wish to file a report or charges against him for the incident. She was released to come home today but she does not want him to return to their residence. Officer explained to her that he does not have the authority to make him stay away without some type of court order. Officer told her he could speak with him and request that he not return. She opted to contact him and leave him a message telling him she did not want him to return. Officer told her that if he returned and she needed assistance to contact 911.