Cardington schools ‘not satisfied’ with reading scores

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Meeting on June 26 for the last session of the school year, the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education completed a wide ranging agenda.

Approval was given 26 donations made to several school groups including a total of $1,370.62 to the Junior High Spectacular; $4,525 to the Cafeteria for unpaid lunch charges and an anonymous donation of $1,000 to the elementary and intermediate cafeterias for unpaid lunch charges. These donations bring cafeteria charges to a zero balance.

Included in the donations was $7,000 from Cardington Yutaka Technologies for fitness equipment in the athletic department.

In other business:

• Superintendent Brian Petrie, reporting in the absence of Elementary Principal Scott Hardwick, focused on the results of the third grade reading scores, and quoting Hardwick said, “We are encouraged, but not satisfied.”

Petrie said the passage rate was 65 percent for Cardington’s students while the state average is 63 percent. He said that is up from the 58 percent last year. Ninety four students took the test — 19 students on IPs and 11 took it with paper and pencil.

Petrie said the goal is to get back in the upper 90s as they did several years ago when a different form of the test was given. He noted the kids who are on the fringe are being tutored.

Giving the Tomorrow Center report, Petrie said job of the sponsor is to go through the laws and rules of the school, reporting on 84 compliance rules for this month. Of those, only two need further improvement one is how they promote the College Plus program and the other is to make sure they “button up” some of the safety drills with more detailed accounting.

• The board approved the following administrative salaries for fiscal year 2018: Joe Mills, 7-12 principal; Scott Hardwick, K-4 Principal; Jennifer Zierden, 5-8 principal; Brian Petrie, Superintendent and Jon Mason, Treasurer, shared service with Highland Local School District

• These exempt non-certified salaries were approved: Darla Hardwick, assistant to the treasurer; Tracey Zvansky, administrative assistant to the superintendent and John Nippert, director of facilties and operations.

• Approved was the following addendum to the Superintendent Brian Petrie’s contract: 10 days of extended service for Community School Oversight. Petrie said this pay does not come from the district.

• The certified resignation/retirement of the following was approved:

Quinn Denzer, psychologist, effective June 30; Alison Kyrk, psychologist, effective May 26; Bev Segars, intermediate ELA effective May 26; Lindsey Anders, elementary social worker, effective May 26, and Kianna Sedlacek, intermediate science, effective June 30.

• Overnight field trips were approved for Erin Wollett, FFA trip to Washington, D.C. Leadership Conference; and to the Carrollton Ohio Officer Retreat with the FFA.

• Camp Pupil Activity contracts for the 2017-2018 school year were granted Amanda Allen, junior varsity volleyball; Linda Brininger, junior high volleyball and Kyle Hobbs, junior high football.

• Supplemental contracts for 2017-2018 were awarded Tonya Bonnette, junior high volleyball; Martha Barnett, spelling bee director; Jennifer Price, senior class adviser; Jodi Adams, Robotics, Donna Kill, Washington, DC trip co-adviser; Angie Bush, junior class adviser; Donna Kill, junior high Science Club; Troy King, trip co-adviser; Shannon Byerly, Improv, first semester and second semester.

•Brock Sherman was employed on a two-year contract. Classified contracts were approved for Ellen Haldeman, David Carter. Tutoring contracts were approved for Jane McClish, Ashley Volk, Paula Caimie, Dionne Lawson and Chris Robinson.

• Board member Vicki Kerman gave the update on the Cardington-Lincoln Foundation. Kerman announced that she will not seek a second term on the board. Her term ends Dec. 31, 2017.

• Jon Mason, treasurer, issued a statement regarding the district finances:

“I am pleased to report that district finances are much improved. For the past two years the district has had to borrow from the upcoming year’s real estate revenue just to get through the June 30 fiscal year end. This year, with the help of the board, administration and all staff, the district has turned the corner to operating within the resources provided. There is always plenty of work to be done, but we are gaining and becoming more efficient each day.”

Board member Chuck Mosher was absent.

The first day of school for students is Aug. 15, with staff meeting Aug. 9. The next board meeting is Aug. 14.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel