920 County Road 212, Raymond Hamlin to Michael Crist and Christal Severing, $152,000.

1653 County Road 26, William A. Marr Jr. to Todd Jeffers, $123,500.

20 E. Walnut St. Marengo, Aron and Ginny West to Justin and Payton Carter, $84,000.

1826 County Road 67, Ramon Nida to Ramon Nida and Holly Husted, $29,250.

3570 State Route 42, Marcia Lover to Stefano and Michelle Ferri, $253,900.

306 N. Marion St., Cardington, Levi Messmer to Timothy Harold, $126,900.

300 W. Main St., Mount Gilead, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB trustee to Mark Clinton, $30,000.

2500 County Road 186, Jesse Adams and Stanley Logan to Jason Andruzis, $170,000.

2501 Township Road 181, Nettie Cochran to Randall and Athena Hewett, $52,500.

6793 County Road 56, Cheryl Morrow to Nathan and Ashley Risher, $119,000.

139 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Mary Broadwater to Jerrod and Renee Watts, $137,300.

96 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. to Michael and Melanie Taylor, $6,375.

32 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Mary Ruth Mossbarger and JC Homes & Investments to Kenneth and Nicole Jones, $7,500.

193 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. to Don and Laurie Bevard, $1,500.

214 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Candlewood Lake Association Inc., to Donald and Tonya Stowe, $1,500.

243 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Candlewood Lake Association Inc., to Michael Kachermeyer, $1,500.

223 Lot, Candlewood Lake Larry and Carla Counts to Kathleen Vance, $3,500.

4255 Township Road 118, Clint and Christina Furniss, to Gary and Freda Taylor, $15,000.

5335 Township Road 115, Jerrilyn Peery to Richard and Sonya Stretch, $317,000.

731 Lot, Candlewood Lake, Cheryl Lind to Kevin Jones, $2,000.

113 Boundary St., Edison, Richard Deer to JP Morgan Chase Bank, $41,000.

4450 Township Road 112, JP Morgan Chase Bank to Paul Carroll, $150,000.

4106 Township Road 99, James and Joanne Trainer to Troy Thompson, $158,060.

143 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Ashley Tackett to James Couter $99,977.

438 Delaware St., Mount Gilead, David Shoaf to Kelsey Kunst, $102,000.

5415 North Township Road 121, McDonough Properties LLC to Selina Brock, $62,500.

3157 County Road 168, Richard and Patricia Weston to Jennifer Weston, $140,000.

2737 Township Road 254, Colin and Brittany Alwood to Angela Draime and Jordan Rogers, $180,000.

9710 Ketterman Drive, Charles Smith to Terry and Danita Holbrook, $99,500.

7680 Township Road 87, Melvin Raber, et al to John and Ella Byler, $35,000.

2360 State Route 229, Ashley, Dave and Sandy Decker to Dan Stout, $39,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor