Cardington Council approves policing standards

Cardington Village council approved an ordinance adopting standard

operating procedures for tasers (conducted energy devices) for the

police department during council’s meeting on April 3.

Police Chief James Wallace said only those department members who

have completed the training may be issued and carry the TASER device

He noted that seven department members have completed the training

thus far.

Chief Wallace said the department had taken a total of 92 calls for

service for March, six calls more than this same time last year.

He had undergone training with the Richwood Police Department on

the program for e citation and e crash reports.

He also said the 2010 cruiser had been picked up by Statewide on March 31

to be stripped. The 2017 cruiser should be arriving soon, he said.

Gary Goodman, fire chief, said the department members were scheduled to

clean the Cardington swimming pool Sunday, April 9.

Fiscal officer Deb Fry, explaining the bills to be paid, said they included

the final payment on the 2015 cruiser in the amount of $12,063.01 and

the payment due upon delivery of the 2017 cruiser in the amount of

$12,672.57. Council approved the total bill payment of $37,061.57.

Council agreed on a 6-0 vote to approve an ordinance amending the

final development plan for Auburn Hills. The ordinance gives approval

to the rezoning of Auburn Hills from single family residence district

to planned unit development. The ordinance states Buckeye Community

Hope Foundation had submitted an amended final development plan

in accordance with the Cardington zoning ordinance and they had

reviewed the plan and determined that it complies with the village


Mayor Susie Peyton said new speed zone signs and “Children Playing”

signs had been placed on West Gregory Street. This was suggested by

Councilwoman Nancy Edwards during the previous council meeting.

Village administrator Danny Wood said the department is working to

repair drains on Riverview Drive. They are also updating the electric

in the American Legion Community Park shelter house.

It was agreed by council to purchase an ad in the Cardington-Lincoln

Fall Sports calendar for $220.

Fiscal Officer Deb Fry said the auditors had completed their work

in the village.

Mayor Peyton related that Friends of Cardington committee is planning

many activities to take place in the park Fridays and Saturdays this summer

Council will meet next on April 17, 2017.