Northmor hosts family math night


On Tuesday, February 28, the Northmor Local School District held its first ever. Dr. Seuss Family Math Night. Northmor

elementary students were invited to come and explore the wonders of math and enjoy an exciting evening of hands

on learning activities. Along with, “play and take” games the students could play at home. In addition, local businesses shared with students the math they encounter in their professions.

Family Math Night involved the whole community: elementary students, parents/guardians, T.A.G. (talented and gifted) students, high school/junior high students, teachers, administration and local businesses.

A group of about 30 high school/junior high students, along with Mrs. Peggy Webb’s T.A.G. students, volunteered their time to create and run hands on math games for the event. The students were required to have two different levels for their game: kindergarten – 2nd and 3rd – 6th grade. The games included topics such as: basic math facts, fractions, money, equations, and place value.

Keeping with the theme of the night, the students named their games using Dr.Seuss books. For example, one of the fractions game was named Green Eggs & Fractions. A group of students created a Dr. Seuss themed restaurant named

One Dish, Two Dish, Red Dish, Blue Dish to help the elementary students use and understand money.

The event also included 5 local businesses: Earthworm Construction (owner Louie Cortez), Garry’s Automotive (owner Garry and Karen Pfleider), Morrow County Hospital (Director of Pharmacy, Holly Trainer), Huntsman Trucking, Inc.

(presenters Holly Huntmsan Long and Bill Long) and Northmor LSD Fiscal Office (treasurer, Tammi Cowell and assistant treasurer Marcie Whited). They volunteered their time to come and set up an activity that highlighted some math used within their business. Their activities created interest within the profession and intrigued both students and parents.

The numerous volunteers made Family Math Night a successful event. Mrs. Lisa Keddie would like to personally thank all the student and teacher volunteers, the local businesses, the administration for supporting the event, and Northmor’s

PTO for donating hot dogs, chips and waters for about the 150 people who attended the event.

The overall goal of Family Math Night was to bring the community together to enjoy a fun filled night of math. A true testament to the overall perception of the night was when an elementary student was heard saying,

“I didn’t know math could be fun.