Morrow County Transportation Collaborative talks with Cardington Seniors

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Cardington Seniors learned the availability of transportation when they met Feb. 24 at the Senior Center for their regular meeting.

Introduced by Carolyn Poorman, program chairman, were Tim Maceyko, director of MCTC (Morrow County Transportation Collaborative) and Deb Ruth, with Seniors on Center.

Maceyko said MCTC works directly under the county commissioners and are funded by grants. They are Medicaid eligible but do not receive any funding directly from local tax dollars. They are working to upgrade to serve others who are not on Medicaid. Currently anyone can pay out of pocket but the cost is $2.58 per mile.

He said they have grown to a fleet of 20 vehicles and last year had $1M in revenue. They are available 24/7. He noted local veterans could also get transportation with VA but they transport only to the hospital.

Ruth described the transportation provided by Seniors on Center and said they provide transportation for those over 60 and those who are disabled can use the service even if they are younger than 60. They are funded by federal money, the senior levy and donations from riders and others.

She said they are limited on the sites where they can transport people.

They usually work 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but can extend hours as needed. The drivers are paid employees and have extensive health care training.

Giving the devotions at this meeting was Pastor Paul Turner and they were based on Philippians 2:25. He described the TLC groups at his church with emphasis on looking toward interests of others. He noted “we are to show love, grace and support of others even if we disagree.”

The next meeting will be Friday, March 24, and lunch will be served at noon. Reservations and/or cancellations must be made by noon on March 23 by calling the Center at 419-946-4191. Cookies will be provided by Phyllis Jiles and Luella Thomas.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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