Edison Council wraps up year-end business

Citizens voice concerns

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Edison street department manager, Rod Clinger reported on the first snowfall of the year at the December meeting of the Edison Village Council. Streets were plowed, but they had problems getting salt on streets due to a broken rotor on the salt truck.

Two Edison citizens brought a concern that they have been paying property tax for the past 16 years on a parcel of land that is owned by the village. They checked with the County Treasurer’s office and were told to take the question to the village.

Mayor, Sandy Ackerman verified that the small property at the corner of State and Railroad Street is owned by the village as shown on their map of the village. She directed them to go to the County Auditor to have the billing adjusted. She asked them to report back to the council on their findings with the Auditor.

Council moved to pay Mount Gilead $7,129.50 for the amount collected for the fire contract for Edison. It is a smaller amount than the total collected in tax last year. Council member, Floyd Wogan noted that Edison will need to get the issue of a fire levy on the ballot in the fall of 2017. Village residents are currently paying one mill less than other residents in the fire district. Mount Gilead has required Edison to come up to the same levy amount that the Mount Gilead village and township pay.

Council Member, Ruth Davis said that there are two properties that can be annexed to the village. It was decided to wait until the January meeting to complete the annexation.

Ackerman asked the council to approve membership for the village with the Ohio Municipal Grant Finder program. She hopes it will be helpful to the village in application for grants. The council approved the $50 registration fee for the program.

Council voted to accept the resignation of their Village Attorney, Denise Martin. She has accepted a position in Delaware County and will not be practicing law at this time.

Council voted to pay bills for November in the amount of $7,837.86 and for December for $3,754.41.

The January meeting of the Edison Village Council will be on Monday, Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Village Municipal building.

Citizens voice concerns

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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