Real Estate Transfers and Small Claims court 5/7-5/15

Real Estate Transfers


Regina Hoffman to Mikila Swango; 0.768 acres on T.R. 49, Washington Twp. for $60,000.


Faye Daniel to James Lumberson; C09-011-00-004-00, Cardington Twp. for $120,000.


Daniel and Shelly Matt to Daniel and Heather Biddle; 5.97 acres on T.R. 21, Bennington Twp. for $308,000.

James Landaker to Gary and Deborah Bellisan; 7.218 acres on T.R. 202, South Bloomfield for $335,000.

Advantage CU to Susan Miller; 5.56 acres on C.R. 40, North Bloomfield Twp. for $75,000.


Anthony and Makiko Czaqja to David and Jody Briggs; 7.976 acres on C.R. 201, South Bloomfield Twp. for $61,000.

Sheila Hollingsworth to Caleb Mainovs; 5.86 acres on C.R. 13, Bennington Twp. for $62,500.


Judy Gates to Eddie Mayfield III; 765 Maple Dr., Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $85,000.

Kyle Gayheart to Erin Green; 6.132 acres on S.R. 746, Westfield Twp. for $147,900.

Shirley Ramey to Highland Local School Board of Education; 11 N. Church At., Sparta for $70,000.

Loia Pettway to Heather Swing; Lot 95, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $2,000.

Dean Patzer to Craig Miley; 157.46 acres on C.R. 57, Washington Twp. for $833,500.


Jamie Slone to Patricia Factar; Unit 7, Lot 300, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $188,000.

David Lockhart to John Yeriah; Peru Twp. for $270,000.

Julie Branham to Micah Swanson; 204 E. Walnut St., Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $80,000.

Anthony Farkasdi to Ronald Stover; Lot 40, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $3,600.


Cutler Properties to Kevin Bowens; 311 W. High St., Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $49,775.

Ralph Dailey to Martin Kohls; 20.126 acres on C.R. 29, North Bloomfield for $35,000.

Joel Bair to Kyle Gayheart; 234 C.R. 21, Ashley, Westfield Twp. for $174,900.

Jere Shanks to Gene Kirk; Lot 682, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp.

Small Claims

Connie Scarbrough dba Lifeline Medical Ambulance, Fulton VS the Following:

Zane Fry, Johnstown, $1928, money only.

Jayme Hall, Johnstown, $2168.50, money only.

Nathan Pitts, Ashley, $1648.50, money only.

Patty Conner, Chesterville vs Netlie Lucas and Benjamin Urbanik, Marengo, $1600, money only.

Hidden Lakes Com. Assn., Mt. Gilead vs Tracy Brammer, $1080,money only.

John Johnson, Mt. Gilead vs Steven and Jenni Thompson, Chesterville, $1000, money only.