Cardington FFA takes on soil judging

Some people look at the ground and see nothing but dirt but during the county and district soil judging contests Cardington FFA members had to show what they know about the composition of the soil and apply it to real life scenarios.

One subdivision of the contest was the urban soil judging. It is here the

properties of soil are looked at in terms of wanting to build a house.

After recognizing the basic qualities of the soil they had to make recom-

mendations for building practices if a house were to be built there.

During the county urban soils competition, the top five people for

Cardington were Riley Partlow, Dylan Goodman, Devin Jackson, Derek Good-

man, and Delisa Goodman. Their team placed second overall at the county

competition and they moved on to the district where they placed fifth

as a team.

As individuals at the district competition, Derek Goodman was second

overall, Devin Jackson, 25th; Dylan Goodman, 31st; Rylie Partlow, 39th

and Delisa Goodman was 45th.

The other subdivision of the contest was the rural soils judging. These

people looked at the properties of soil in terms of wanting to farm there.

They used what they could identify about the soil to make recommendations

about farming practices that should be used in that area.

The top six people at this competition were Tess Ruehrmund, Baylee

Adams, Madison Brehm, Luke Goers, Brittany Cimino, and Sam McKee.

As a team they placed third in the county competition and moving on

to the district they placed ninth. As individuals in this competition

Madison Brehm was 23rd; Baylee Adams, 26th; Luke Goers, 37th;

Sam McKee, 46th; Brittany Cimino, 77th and Tess Ruehrmund, 85th.