Cardington to look into mural painting project

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Lea Ann Maceyko, president of Friends of Cardington, brought a new idea to Cardington Village council during the Aug. 15 meeting.

Maceyko, looking to promote the village, presented the suggestion of murals painted on the village’s outer business walls of scenes of historical Cardington.

She said she has an artist or artists willing to do the painting and Maceyko suggested that the original post card or photo be placed alongside the painting. She noted there are many bare walls on business buildings and this would spruce them up while keeping the village history alive.

She also suggested sponsorships of the walls being painted.

Council accepted the idea positively and the solicitor said permits would have to be considered. Mayor Susie Peyton said council will continue to study the project.

A first reading was given an ordinance amending the appropriations for the village for fiscal year ending December 31, 2016. Fiscal Officer Deb Fry said this ordinance adds the estimated first annual payment for the 2017 police cruiser along with a camera plus signs for the village.

Fry said she has been notified there will be an increase in the local government distribution for 2017 with an estimated distribution totaling $30,120.

Bills totaling $42,107.84 were approved for payment.

Approved was a resolution authorizing the written return to the Morrow County Auditor of the costs incurred and the placing of a lien upon the properties where the removal of litter, weeds and other nuisances were removed by the village. Costs incurred totaled $896.00.

Mayor Peyton said 21 letters had been sent to individuals from zoning and five are scheduled to appear in mayor’s court.

Village Administrator Danny Wood said a water leak on a service line had been repaired. Before locating it he said the service line leaked 69,000 gallons over the two-week period.

He also noted there were three power outages in three days and another surge at the meter at the water plant burned holes in the meter box.

The electric company was notified and was working on the problem.

He said paving continues on Center, Boundary, Douglas and North Fourth Streets.

Council will meet next on Sept. 6.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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