July real estate transactions in Morrow County

Recently approved real estate transactions in Morrow County:

July 1

Rocky and Pamela Hawk to Joseph and Brandy Baker; 1.701 acres at T.R. 113 and T.R. 110, Gilead Twp. for $21,000.

Mavis Sutherland, Karen Conrad, Deborah Jordan, and Peggy Jagger to Mark and Jennifer Price; Lot 672, Village of Mt. Gilead for $16,000.

Morrow Meadows Development to William Ringler; 0.174 acres on A01-064-00-004-01, Bennington Twp. for $12,000.

July 6

Harry Keller III and Susan Keller to Bruce Grund and Faye Grund; Unit 9, Lot 311, Candlewood, Congress Twp.

Timothy and Lori Cover to Ernest and Kathleen Holzer; 5.911 acres on T.R. 71, Canaan Twp. for $147,500.

Sarah Shaffer to Killbuck Valley Farms; 69.57 acres on T.R. 20, Troy Twp. for $295,700.

R & B Properties to William Ringler; 5.705 acres on S.R. 61, Bennington Twp.

July 7

Johnathon and Lisa Hess to Bryan and Lori Beth Sanchez; 1.251 acres on C.R. 169, Lincoln Twp. $150,000.

Marty and Iva Yoder to Lester and Emma Fisher; 14.66 acres on Carpenter Rd., Perry Twp. for $200,000.

Gregory and Carol Caudill to David and Nancy Myers; Unit 4, Lot 341 & 342, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $34,700.

Connie Treadway to Matthew and Kelsey Taylor; 7.814 acres on S.R. 529, Lincoln Twp. for $235,500.

Rodney and Denise Brewer to Christopher and Tiffany Zeger; Unit 2, Lot 62, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $162,000.

July 11

David and Ann Styer to Kelli and Marcelino Menchaca; 5.July0 acres at T.R. 59 and S.R. 61, Washington Twp. for $147,700.

July 12

Timothy and Michele Frost to Joseph and Deborah Crose; Unit 4, Lot 167 and 168, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $5,300.

Jerry and Susan Waters to American Lumber Co; 7.40 acres; on St. James Rd., Washington Twp. for $185,000.

Lawrence and Wendy Pullins to Paul and Teri Gage; Lot 68, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $14,000.

July 14

Citifinancial services to Atlee and Aden Raber; 12.75 acres at C.R. 180 and C.R. 183, Chester Twp. for $57,500.

July 15

John and Elizabeth Johnson to Derrick Jones; Unit 4, Lot 322, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $3,500.

Douglas and Amy Homer to Mark Bell; 1.00 acre on C.R. 165, Cardington Twp. for $20,500.

Stephen and Penny Church to Gregory and Jessica Walker; 5.01 acres at T.R. 179 and T.R.184, Harmony Twp. for $225,000.

Candlewood Lake Assn. Inc. to Deborah Baker; Unit 1, Lot 78, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $4,250.

Candlewood lake Assn. Inc. to Douglas and Kathy Roach; Unit 6, Lot 201, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $1,500.

Sally Brennan to Jeffrey and Kimberly Bood; 1.630 acres on C.R. 57, North Bloomfield Twp. for $51,600.

David and Anita Gardner to Dustin and Tammy Koah; 6.336 acres on T.R. 16, South Bloomfield Twp. for $259,900.

July 18

Timothy and Edith Stambaugh to Walter Saylor; Lot 38, Village of Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $115,000.

Teresa and Daniel Lovett to Mark and Alene Hewitt; 10.630 acres at C.R. 93 and C.R. 20, Congress Twp. for $326,000.

Charles and Janis Branham to Tim and Katheryn Boyer; 8.152 acres at S.R. 746 and C.R. 149, Westfield Twp. for $239,000.

Rebecca Kilgour to Robin Snopik; Lot 838 and 839, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $124,800.