Reflections: Remembering the freedom of summer


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

The calendar says it’s still spring, but when school is officially out for the year, to me it’s summer.

Each year I pause, look back and remember thinking that Summer would have no end- it would be fun forever! My sisters and I had our chores and duties but we also had fun with our neighborhood pals, the Dentons, Lorimers, Baughman and tagalongs Snyders and Clicks.

Picnics in the woods, baseball games in the front yard- tennis games on Lorimer’s court- croquet games, bike rides and horseback rides (for them not me). We even held a circus right in our barnyard with about 30 visitors kind enough to attend.

This was before the town had its own swimming pool, so the pool up the road was visited by some of our “gang.” We held meetings in the abandoned house of our neighbors who allowed us to clean it up and put curtains to the windows (remember paper curtains?) making it a “homelike” place. However, I opened the door to that basement only once — spooky.

Later, raising my family- summers took on a different meaning — like responsibility — for children and keeping them busy. We had a neighbor hood with children and it seemed they loved playing in our back yard I counted 26 at one time, but wouldn’t trade a thing. Back then summer couldn’t get over soon enough.

So it is. Enjoy each day. The seasons do change, eventually.

I will be focusing this month on the events of 70 years ago when the county was planning to celebrate Morrow County’s 100th birthday. I know many of you weren’t around yet, so these events may be of interest. After all, we couldn’t get to here without being there first.

Glancing back 80 years ago: June, 1938: Six one-room schools in Canaan, North Bloomfield and Perry Townships were closed this month. Only nine one-room schools would operate in the county for the 1938-39 school year. The remaining one room or rural schools were located in Franklin, Congress and Gilead Townships.

Third Street in Cardington was given a gravel surface.

The Riverside 4-H Club met at the home of Mrs. Paul Maxwell, who discussed the subject, “The House in Which you Live.” Miss Elmira Heimlich, local beautician gave a demonstration of proper shampooing.

70 years ago, June, 1948: Charles Burt, Don Healea, William Burke and Carl Huebner, employees of Long’s Garage, attended the Indianapolis 500 race on Memorial Day.

A total of 341 registered at the 18th Cardington High School Alumni association meeting. One of the entertainments was a comedy skit presented by five association members chosen from the audience. Kent Curl, 1948 graduate, played a piano solo. Guy Lee, Class of 1913, traveled from California to attend.

50 years ago, June, 1968: The annual Cardington High School alumni association meeting began with the playing of a recording of the ringing of the old school bell. The Class of 1902 had two members present. Mrs. Wayne Westbrook, class of 1930, called the meeting to order. Officers named for the 1969 meeting were Evelyn Davis Shoults, 1945, vice president and Rosella Kirkpatrick Fate, 1942, treasurer.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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