Pictured in the Ohio Statehouse is the Cardington-Lincoln FFA Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Team bookended by Advisor Erin Wollett (left) and state Rep. Riordan McClain (right).

Courtesy | Erin Wollett

On Feb. 7, the Cardington-Lincoln FFA Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Team was honored to be the guests of Ohio House Rep. Riordan McClain (87th District).

Members were recognized for their success in the State CDE this fall with a House resolution. Rep. McClain presented the official resolution and then was gracious enough to spend time with our students prior to the session. He engaged with them in genuine conversation, showed them the House floor, explained his role and how the sessions function, and gave a tour of the Ohio Statehouse.

During session, the clerk introduced the team before Rep. McClain gave a short explanation and recognition from the floor stating, “Mr. Speaker, they stand ready should we need any expertise in the parliamentary procedures; and they’re taking great notes of our work here today.”

The students chose to stay for the entire session, asking questions about the procedure and the business on the floor. Throughout their day at the Statehouse, the students also got to meet with Reps. Don Jones (95th District) and Bill Roemer (31st District). Rep. Jones commended them on their success. As a former agriculture teacher, before retiring to pursue public office, he commended them for the hard work and talent that it takes to get to this point. He also talked with them about the difference between Robert’s Rules and Mason’s Rules and how they direct the creation of policy.

Students were taken on a tour of the Statehouse and were given the opportunity to see the governor’s ceremonial office and cabinet room. They also stopped by the Ohio Supreme Court to see the world’s largest gavel — an appropriate stop for students of parliamentary procedure!

Students were also honored to receive a resolution from state Sen. Bill Reineke’s office on behalf of the Ohio Senate.

We would like to thank the Cardington-Lincoln FFA Alumni for sponsoring brunch at Bob Evan’s for the team to celebrate its efforts.

Submitted by Cardington-Lincoln FFA Advisor Erin Wollett.