Mount Gilead boys win at Seneca East


The Mount Gilead boys’ cross country team picked up first place in the DIvision III race at Seneca East’s Stars, Stripes and Lights invitational on Saturday.

The team tallied 81 points in besting the field. Parker Bartlett took third place overall in 16:17.28, while Owen Hershner finished seventh in 16:32.23. Will Baker ran 16th in 17:01.59, while Tommy Emberg finished 25th in 17:53.22 and Nathan Smith placed 30th in 18:06.94. Nolan Hershner claimed 37th in 18:19.87 and Collin Gabriel took 50th in 18:43.97.

Also, Luke Fraizer was 51st, Joshua Davis was 58th, Josh Burnaugh was 62nd, Ethan Turner was 64th, Wyatt Mowry was 68th, Quade Harris was 74th, Ryan Swalley was 79th, Kasen Wallace was 92nd, Rowan Shaw was 94th, Abram Newson was 116th, Chace Staats was 118th, Gavin Keller was 138th, Landon Spoon was 145th, Gavin Spoon was 151st, Elias Bulkowski was 162nd, Trinton McCarty was 164th, Carson Mowery was 234th and Elijah Smith was 240th.

In the girls’ race, the Indians took third place. They were led by Kimberly Staley, who was eighth in 20:14.93. Danielle Pohlkotte took 37th in 22:18.08 and Sophie Mosher finished 38th in 22:18.15. Ava Baker took 44th in 22:42.09, Haley Pfeifer finished 59th in 23:29.99 and Natalie Jagger ran 64th in 23:41.98. Baylee Snyder claimed 91st place in 25:12.63.

Also, Adriana Hershner was 94th, Gabrielle Mowry was 116th, Brooke Jagger was 134th and Lexi Fox was 147th.

Both Highland and Cardington competed in the Division II races. In the boys’ race, the Scots took eighth and the Pirates were 16th.

Highland was paced by Matthew Miller, who ran ninth in 17:12.98. Cael Gilmore took 18th in 17:37.03, while Brendan Lester finished 29th in 17:54.28. Konner Blaney placed 74th in 19:14.17, Grant Jennings was 75th in 19:15.34, Henry Spence took 78th in 19:17.05 and Ethan Harman ran 83rd in 19:22.99.

Also, Daniel Grandstaff was 88th, Brody Bonecutter was 94th, Caden Barsic was 114th, Chase Jordan was 156th, Morgan Kline was 181st, Harken Peck was 187th, Justin Berthold was 192nd, Jacob Bowen was 195th, Micah McLeod was 198th, Bryden Bisbee was 199th and Cash LaFever was 211th.

For Cardington, Aidan Reitmire was second in the race with a time of 16:48.17. Brandon Elliot-Hughes took 117th in 20:29.13, Brayden Rammelsberg claimed 126th in 20:46.83 and Riley Patterson placed 147th in 21:26.81. Luke Visconti ran 171st in 22:21.28, while Danny Townsend was 203rd in 24:39.83 and Thor Kovacs placed 213th in 25:01.63.

Highland’s girls were ninth in their race. Kindylle Mallow led the way by finishing 25th in 21:40.15. Riley Matthews took 31st in 22:00.51 and Katelyn Schade placed 49th in 23:07.55. Morgan Snider finished 50th in 23:09.37, Abbie Pruett took 65th in 23:58.54, Audrey Weaver was 100th in 26:34.51 and Allison Minkos claimed 103rd in 26:45.57.

Also, Leah Blankenship was 104th and Lizzie Beck was 128th.

Cardington had two runners compete. Magi Hallabrin ran ninth in 20:37.96, while Gracie Meade finished 17th with a time of 21:17.46.

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