Beware of Ohio Senate Joint Resolution 2, which is scheduled to appear on a special election ballot Tuesday, Aug. 8.

This resolution is designed to change the majority vote needed for a constitutional amendment from 50%+1 to 60%+1. If approved, this revision would give 40% of Ohio voters the ability to block legislation that 59.9% of Ohioans may support. Democracy in this state would no longer be served if 40% of Ohio voters are determining Ohio’s future.

Even the scheduled date of the special election is hypocritical in its self since the Ohio Senate recently passed a law to get rid of August special elections due to the expense. And guess who is paying for the special election? The Ohio taxpayers at a cost of $20 million. This sudden urge to change an amendment that has existed and worked extremely well since 1912 leads one to wonder, why now, and what is the Ohio Senate’s real objective.

I am encouraging everyone to vote “no” on State Issue 1, which will be the only item on the August ballot. This resolution does not belong in Ohio’s constitution and does not serve our democracy.

Make sure your vote is counted for this special election on Aug. 8.

July 10 is the deadline to register to vote in the August special election.

Early voting begins July 11. Request an absentee ballot to vote by mail.

Rick Fryman