GOAL Digital Academy Marion and Cardington Honor Roll


MARION – GOAL Digital Academy is uniquely positioned to work with diverse students. There is no GOAL student profile. Our students choose GOAL for a variety of reasons. Some are severely credit deficient and at high risk of not graduating. Others have determined brick and mortar traditional schooling is not their preferred choice.

Some of our students are emotionally or medically fragile and cannot attend in-person learning. Still, others have families they are supporting as they complete high school, so they choose GOAL for our flexibility. GOAL is not a one-size-fits-all.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our graduates are ready for their futures. GOAL Digital Academy recently announced the students named to the school’s honor roll for the first quarter, a distinction given to those who achieve the highest academic standards. In order to qualify for the honor roll, students must get all A’s and B’s or one high C.

The following students from Marion made the honor roll, listed by grade level:

Kindergarten: Zodie Tanner

1st Grade: Jesus Galindo Ayala, Lenin Galindo Ayala, Memphis Vargo

4th Grade: Gio Brancaccio

5th Grade: Ariana Galindo Ayala

7th Grade: Jayda Canada

8th Grade: Shaylee Rose

10th Grade: Jenna Abrams

11th Grade: Kiya Benedict, Haylee Hall, Alex White

12th Grade: Shane Wright

The following students from Cardington made the honor roll, listed by grade level:

Kindergarten: Justin Stewart

10th Grade: Savannah Ferguson, Aiden French

11th Grade: Faith Fankhauser

12th Grade: Kali Kunkle, Haiden Ramsier

The GOAL Digital Academy Cardington Lab located at 3700 State Route 168 in Cardington, Ohio and the Marion Lab located at 194 West Center Street in Marion, Ohio serve students in Cardington, Marion, and surrounding counties. GOAL celebrates students’ diverse learning styles, interests, and talents by going beyond academics and providing students with well-rounded opportunities to meet new people and engage in their passions. GOAL offers regular family education and networking opportunities and continually works to remove family or community barriers that impact student success.



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