Edison Council approves 2023 appropriations


EDISON- Edison Council began their November 14 meeting with a report from Village Administrator Mary Neviska.

Neviska said it’s been difficult getting estimates for a new generator, which is needed for the sewage/water department. She gave the council one estimate. BPA funds will be used for the new generator.

Council members suggested other possibilities and agreed that a couple more estimates are needed before a decision is made on purchase of a generator. They agreed the backup generator is definitely needed after the experience of both generators failing during the storm last summer.

Neviska said a new street worker was hired to replace a person who quit last summer.

Fiscal Officer Bruce Seaburn presented the 2023 Appropriations as worked on by the finance committee. There were questions about money in a fund that is currently unused.

Seaburn explained the money can only be used for the purpose of that fund and needs to be available when there are bills for that purpose. He also said that some payments for salaries and other bills come from several funds.

The 2023 Appropriations were approved with five yes votes and one no vote.

Mayor Patti Feustal was pleased the election in the village building went smoothly. Council member Georgann Kneipp suggested that some adjustments to the set-up of the room might be made.

Both Edison levies were very close and Feustal said they will need to find out how the count went from the provisional and absentee ballots. The official count will be available November 21.

The current Renewal levy of 1 Mill for 5 years for current expenses got 77 votes for the levy and 62 against. The Replacement levy for street repair of 2 mills for 5 years had 74 against and 65 for the levy.

There was some discussion of why property of an Edison family has not been cleaned up. Feustal said she is still working to find help for the family.

Council members asked Attorney Bailey Higgins what to do about someone apparently living or using the village utility sheds at the edge of the village. Higgins got the address and will look into the matter.

Higgins reminded council members they need to take the three hour Sunshine training Course required by the state. It is required for every term they serve.

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Sentinel

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