Extinguishing a fire in Cardington in the 1940s


Although the village of Cardington was founded because of its access to water, reading news stories through the years so often they had trouble accessing water.

A story in the November 26, 1942 edition of the Morrow County Independent describes that problem when a fire that originated in the Mrs. Hazel Patrick Restaurant threatened to become “the most disastrous in recent years in Cardington.”

The fire began shortly before 10 pm. The story says the “quick arrival of the fire department prevented the spread of the flames from the restaurant room in the lobby and stairway of the three story Hotel Wornstaff when about a dozen guests also fled from the building by way of the stairway, a fire escape and a few by ladder.”

Fire Chief Ralph Sanderson blamed defective wiring for the fire which started behind a metal soft drink case and spread rapidly to a restaurant counter, a dish shelf and display case. Heat and smoke did considerable damage to woodwork, walls, and fixtures in the room. Mirrors and large plate glass windows were cracked and broken.

The fire started when the town’s water supply and pressure was slow because of changes being made in the pumps at the water works plant. When water dropped earlier below the level of the pumps intake valves, it was necessary to remove one pump and lower the turbine. After the fire had been extinguished firemen went to the wells and pumped water into the mains to relieve the danger of the water supply in the stand pipe being exhausted before repairs had been complete.

Kitchen of the restaurant was not damaged and Mrs. Patrick continued operation of the business while the room was being redecorated and fixtures rebuilt. Customers of the restaurant were served breakfast in the kitchen the next morning, a few hours after the fire.

Looking back at past Novembers: 1952: Marlene Bean, Eugene Levering, Joyce Lorimer and Judith Witter all scored high in the Ohio History, Government and Citizenship tests. These Cardington High School students placed in the upper 25 percent statewide. 45 overseas packages were sent to local men in the Armed Forces by the Jenkins-Vaughan Post 97 of the American Legion.

1972: Sherman Furniture Store on East Main Street, was purchased by Earl and Winifred Clements.



By Evelyn Long

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