Staff Report

The Mount Gilead boys’ cross country team won the 21-team Marion Harding Invitational on Saturday.

MG was led by Will Baker, who took second place with a time of 15:55.2. Parker Bartlett took fourth in 16:14.5, while Reed Supplee claimed seventh place in 16:27.2. Owen Hershner placed 28th in 16:59.5 and Aaron Gannon ran 39th in 17:15.6. Cole Hershner took 72nd in 18:03.9, while Nathan Smith finished 92nd in 18:32.8.

Also, Luke Fraizer was 105th and Collin Gabriel was 114th.

The girls’ team took eighth place in an 18-team race. Kimberly Staley was 24th in 20:32.9 to lead the team, while Haley Pfeifer finished 31st in 21:00.4. Karley Wallace took 60th in 22:20, Madilyn Elson ran 66th in 22:31.8 and Danielle Pohlkotte placed 90th in 23:10.3. Grace Shipman finished 91st in 23:16.9 and Rebeka Clark claimed 124th in 25:00.6.

Also, Natalie Jagger was 157th.

Both Northmor teams finished sixth in the meet. The girls were led by Kate Lehman, who finished 14th in 20:22.3, while Natalie Hunter was 20th in 20:29.7 and Ryann Brinkman finished 36th in 21:13.4. Lyla Bishop took 55th in 22:13.9 and Maizy Brinkman claimed 83rd in 23:06.4. Sarah Abrams took 85th in 23:08.3 and Shelby Cooper placed 104th in 23:46.2.

Also, Katie Statler was 113th and Hannah Kanagy was 117th.

Leading the boys was Ryan Lehman, who finished fifth in 16:15.3. Lucas Weaver ran 14th in 16:38, while David Blunk took 46th in 17:30.4. Connor Radojcsics placed 67th in 18:00.1, Bryce Cooper took 85th in 18:23.7 and Ethan Amens finished 94th in 18:34.6. Levi Hunter took 111th in 18:54.8.

Also, Parker Brown was 137th, Dane Creswell was 156th and Dylan Normant was 179th.

The Highland boys placed ninth. Joel Roberts took 30th place with a time of 17:01.1, while Cael Gilmore ran 32nd in 17:05.7. Hunter Bolton finished 48th in 17:31.1, Caleb Wetzel took 65th in 17:55.6 and Matthew Miller placed 66th in 17:58.6. Running 98th in 18:47.2 was Colton Clarkson, while Corban Benedict was 99th in 18:47.3.

Also, Grath Garee was 112th, Daniel Grandstaff was 116th and Konner Blaney was 119th.

The girls’ team ran 13th, with Lauren Garber placing 15th in 20:22.7. Riley Matthews finished 70th in 22:40.5, while Abbie Pruett ran 94th in 23:20.3, Brooklyn Damron took 116th in 24:29.1 and Cara Chamberlain placed 133rd in 25:42.9. Allison Minkos ran 150th in 26:58.7 and Audrey Weaver finished 154th in 27:24.5.

Also, Elizabeth Beck was 165th and Skylar White was 171st.

Cardington took 18th in the boys’ race, with Aidan Reitmire placing 41st in 17:21.3 and A.J. Brehm running 102nd in 18:50. Brandon Hughes took 130th in 19:21.5, while Brayden Rammelsberg placed 136th in 19:36.1. Isaac Dela Cruz finished 159th in 20:50, Ryan Clinger took 164th in 21:24.7 and Brayden Lackey ran 182nd in 24:49.8.

The girls didn’t have a full team, but Loey Hallabrin placed sixth overall in 19:50.5. Magi Hallabrin took 16th in 20:23.7, Morgan White ran 34th in 21:08.3 and Gracie Meade finished 98th in 23:24.8.

Gilead Christian also competed without full teams. For the girls, Allyson Green was 80th in 23:04.6 and Aryanna Green placed 132nd in 25:41.3. In the boys’ race, Joseph Bossard took 151st in 20:22.7, Jackson Keller ran 168th in 21:42.5 and Timothy Jeane claimed 186th in 27:10.6.

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