CARDINGTON- History will once again be revealed when the annual Glendale Cemetery tour is given from 2 to 4 pm on Sunday, October 2 in the Glendale Union Cemetery, Cardington.

Remembered this year will be Winnie Clements portrayed by her granddaughter, Denise Johnson; Hayes Ulery, with Mike Wilson assuming his identity; Lucy Kehrwecker Myers, the mother of Frank and Fannie Myers will be described by Donna Carver Pat Drouhard will reminisce with Pierre Drouhard about his acquaintance with Captain Thomas Bunker and his family of Cardington.

It is suggested that visitors enter through Glendale Avenue. Parking will be available there. Admission is $5 per person. The Gleaners will register visitors. Lisa Brake will offer refreshments.

Motorized carts will be available for those who find it difficult to walk.

The Glendale Cemetery Tour committee is part of the Friends of Cardington organization.

By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel