September 15th

A caller on Lee Street advised officers of an argument between her and her brother.

A caller of South Delaware Street reported that her ex-boyfriend was threatening her and her family. She was unable to tell the officer how he was threatening her or provide any proof. The officer contacted the ex-boyfriend, and he denied the allegations. He was advised to block her.

Theft – A 15-year-old caller reported sending $150 via Cashapp for a puppy. She never received the puppy, and her money was withdrawn. When she confronted the Facebook account, she was requested to send nude pictures of herself.

September 16th

A caller of North Cherry Street reported that she saw a suspicious male near her residence and thought he may have entered her garage but was unsure. Nothing was missing. She was unable to give a description of the man.

Domestic – A 15-year-old of North Main Street became unruly after his mother told him he couldn’t stay home from school by yelling, punching his door and threatening to harm himself. The officer spoke with the 15-year-old who advised that he didn’t feel well and admitted to becoming upset, but he would never harm himself. The officer advised counseling and stated that he would request the school counselor speak with him.

Traffic – While stopped for traffic violation, the driver had an active arrest warrant for Morrow County. The officer arrested him and transported him to the Morrow County Correctional Facility.

Accident – Driver traveling East on East North Street pulled into traffic at North Main Street and was struck by a driver traveling Northbound.

Neighbors on West High Street had gotten into a verbal argument over an antenna. They were advised not to contact one another.

Domestic – a caller of South Delaware Street advised of a verbal dispute. Contact was made with a man who stated that his soon to be ex-wife showed up wanting to argue. The wife had left prior to the officer’s arrival.

September 17th

Via 911 a caller advised of a tent in the woods near Thistlewood Apartments. The officer told the caller that 911 was for emergency use only.

Domestic – Woman was arrested for Domestic Violens on Buckeye Lane.

September 18th

Alarm – Officer responded to an alarm at Town Pump. The business was secure.

A caller advised of children screaming in the Douglas Street and North Delaware Street area. The officer contacted three juvenile boys who advised that they were just playing, and everything was okay.

Alarm – A caller advised of an alarm at Mid-Ohio Sanitation. The officer patrolled the area and there were no signs of criminal activity.

September 19th

Alarm – Officer was dispatched to Drug Mart for an alarm where he found the window broken out of the front door.

Burglary – Officer was dispatched to Job and Family Services when a worker found a male in the building.

Alarm – Officer contacted the homeowner on Northfield Drive who advised it was a false alarm.

September 20th

A caller of Westview Drive advised that she suspects unwelcomed people are entering her back yard during the nighttime hours. The officer advised of extra patrol I the area.

September 21st

The officer was dispatched to Douglas Street about people yelling. He contacted the two parties. The man was leaving for the day and the woman told him that everything was fine and that nothing happened.

While officer was around Iberia Street, he witnessed a juvenile with a vape pen and confiscated the vape pen.

An unknown caller reported a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old locked in a car at Dollar Tree. The female then came out, went to McDonalds, and then left but she didn’t know which direction. The officer advised her to call the police immediately I the future rather than wait.

Officers were asked to stand by while the landlord of North Main Street could check the utilities as he suspected a fight between, he and the tenant. The tenant didn’t answer the door, though it was evident someone was home. The tenant then called to talk with the officer and advised that the landlord was trying to evict him and was refusing his money for rent. The officer advised that this situation is a civil matter and a court order would be necessary for the police to get involved.

A man of Lockwood Court was arrested for probation violation.

Staff Report