MOUNT GILEAD- The American Meteorological Society (AMS) accepted Elizabeth (Smith) Luce to be one of 25 teachers participating in ‘Project Atmosphere’ in Kansas City, Missouri.

Luce, a Mount Gilead High School and Bluffton University graduate, said this graduate level course will cover weather, mapping, climate change and how weather and climate study are being affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI.)

She has taken other courses with AMS. However, Luce said this course is completely free, unlike other courses she has taken. This is a week long course with all her room and food covered, along with first class round-trip airfare to Kansas City.

Upon return from the week of study, the ‘culminating activity’ for the course will be sharing her knowledge and experience with her colleagues at the high school where she teaches in the Toledo, Ohio area.

She will receive $300 when she completes the final activity along with graduate credit toward certification in Meteorology.

Luce said her high school “LEAP” is an alternative behavior high school in Holland, a suburb of Toledo. It serves several school districts in the Toledo area.

“I love my work at LEAP,” said Luce. The motto of the school is, ‘leading children to success one step at a time.’

Students in her classes are at different levels of learning and capability. Most are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP.)

Luce is both excited and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program. She is the daughter of Robert E. (Bob) and Nancy Smith of Mount Gilead.

More information about Project Atmosphere and the American Meteorological Society can be found online at

“Project Atmosphere is a comprehensive teacher professional development course based on studies in the atmospheric sciences. It is directed toward improving teacher effectiveness in generating interest and understanding in science, technology and mathematics among pre-college students,” describes the course at the AMS website.

Elizabeth (Smith) Luce (Smith) Luce Submitted

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Sentinel