MOUNT GILEAD- Registration for Fresh Faith Flag Football (4F) in Mount Gilead is now underway and is open to both boys and girls from four to nine years old.

4F Commissioner Brian Dye said they have had children from as far away as Mount Vernon and Marion, but most are from Morrow County. Children’s age groups are four to six years old and seven to nine years. Several of the older children play in both 4F and Mount Gilead or other football leagues.

Dye said the emphasis of the program is on kindness, fair play, and sportsmanship as well as the flag football sport.

Gilead Fitness has partnered with 4F in several ways with some Gilead Fitness members serving as coaches and volunteers. Mount Gilead KOA has also been a community partner and good neighbor.

Gilead Fitness Board Member Brandon Fleming is very enthusiastic about the community partnership with 4F flag football. He said the goals of flag football mesh well with the values of health and wellness of Gilead Fitness. They have had several Gilead Fitness members serve as coaches or volunteers as well as the board supporting scholarships.

Dye invites anyone interested in the program to the information meeting Sunday, August 7 at 2 p.m.

4F Camp will be August 14 and August Skills day will be August 28. Play will begin with a practice and scrimmage day September 4. Game one will be September 11 with all games held on Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m. and the last game on October 16.

Dye said all coaches and administrators will have current background checks, CPR training, and will be Lindsay Law compliant. Volunteers are also needed for field prep, lining the fields, line judges and field takedown.

Game days are opened with Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Dye said there is a short message from the church at half time during games. He said it is great to see families and people in the community come to see the games. There is no charge for spectators and there is sometimes a food truck that stops by during the game.

“We hope to have great weather for games again this year,” Dye said. “Last year we didn’t have one rainy day.”

Early registration began in May and will continue until July 31. Fees are $40 per child, and Dye said no child is turned away because of lack of money. Scholarships are available for children when needed. Registration from August 2 -28 will be $50. Fees provide tee shirts, belts, flags and other necessary equipment for the game

For more information visit: and find them on FaceBook. Email is: [email protected].

Seven to nine year old children playing Flag football last fall in the field by Fresh Faith Church in Mount Gilead. to nine year old children playing Flag football last fall in the field by Fresh Faith Church in Mount Gilead.

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Sentinel