Dear Editor,

There have been some positive steps forward in the ongoing Morrow County Hospital saga which deserve to be recognized.

Hospital Board Chairman Joe Dreyer announced at the June 1st RFP (Request For Proposal) Committee meeting that he was requesting that the RFP committee be put on hold as he needed to focus on negotiating the extension of the Ohio Health management agreement which expires in December.

I commend Mr. Dreyer for recognizing the importance of focusing on the extension for the continuity of care of Morrow County residents. The RFP committee agreed and at this time the RFP committee meetings are on hold pending the extension of the current Ohio Health Management agreement.

This was a welcome announcement and relief for residents whose medical care is overseen by Ohio Health doctors who were rightly concerned about the December deadline. Although no RFP committee meetings are being considered at this time the Hospital Board stated at the June 28th Hospital Board meeting that public comment will not be prohibited at any future RFP meetings. As a concerned resident this is very much appreciated.

Also, at the June 28th Hospital Board meeting a Public Comment Policy was approved. Board member Jennifer Williams introduced the need for such a policy several months ago and has been working on that policy since the time that she recommended it.

The policy includes up to 15 minutes of public participation as the final item on the board’s agenda at the discretion of the Chairman. Everyone who addresses the board must sign in and provide their full name, home address, contact number and topic(s). Each speaker will have up to three minutes to share his or her concerns with the Board. After each speaker’s comments, the chairman may:

• Respond to the comments on behalf of the Board; or

• Ask a Board member or Hospital staff member to respond to the comments; or

• Ask a Board member or Hospital staff member to follow up with the speaker after the meeting.

As an alternative to addressing the Board in-person during a meeting, individuals can email comments to [email protected]. All comments must include the individual’s full name, home address, and contact number. Comments regarding the hospital received 7 days before the board’s regular meeting will be included in that month’s meeting packet. Comments received less than 7 days before the board’s regular meeting will be included in the next month’s meeting packet.

This new policy is a step forward for fostering good will and positive interactions with the general public.

Other Board agenda items included the latest Hospital audit which was presented and unanimously approved.

The board is considering the purchase of a new nuclear medicine camera which will increase the weight limit for patients. The current scanner is nearing its end of life for parts and service. More information about a new scanner will be discussed at the next Hospital Board meeting on July 26th.

Thank you to the RFP committee members and the Hospital Boards for your hard, and often times thankless work. While we may not always agree with decisions made we do appreciate your time and effort.

Donna Carver

Mount Gilead