June 19

Assist – officer assisted State Highway Patrol with a possible drunk driver at North Main and East Cedar Streets.

Traffic – Driver cited at S. Main Street and South Street for driving under suspension.

June 21

Traffic – Driver cited at Douglas Street for failure to comply, plates of another and drug paraphernalia.

Staff at the Morrow County Hospital reported a disruptive patient. The Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and local officer responded. The person was no longer causing problems and was later transferred to the mental hospital.

Officer responded to the Morrow County Hospital’s emergency room where a mental patient had left his room and wandering the hospital. The patient had previously been disruptive and tampered with the camera in his room. He was advised that he would be arrested if officers need to be called back.

Taco Bell staff reported a male that stated he was homeless and found a wallet with three hundred dollars in it and attempted to give them the wallet without the money. They declined. Officer patrolled the area but was unable to locate the male.

Burglary – Caller advised of a possible burglary on West High Street. The officer found two men working on a camper next to the residence. They both said that they were not in the home. After walking around the house, the officer located an open door that looked to be broken into. After speaking with the caller, she advised she never saw anyone inside the home.

June 22

Traffic – Driver at South Street and S. Main Street arrested for three warrants out of Morrow County and cited for driving under suspension, expired registration, and two counts of drug paraphernalia.

Theft – Caller on N. Main Street reported that her ex-boyfriend took her car keys and wouldn’t return them. A message was left at his place of work to return her keys.

Theft – Caller reported that he lost his wallet while at Taco Bell the previous night. When he went back to Taco Bell the wallet was not there. The clerk reviewed the surveillance camera that revealed a male found and kept the wallet.

Officer was called to Lockwood Drive where a son was intoxicated and being verbally abusive. He fled out the back door when officer arrived. The issue happened a second time. No threats or physical abuse was reported.

A caller advised of a truck and trailer loaded with Kroger shopping carts. The owner of the truck/trailer stated that the owner said he could take them for scrap and he is scheduled to pick up another load in the morning. Kroger was contacted and they were going to contact the manager in the morning.

June 23

Traffic – Driver on West Marion and Delaware Streets was cited for driving under OVI suspension and expired registration.

911 hang up – Officer went to West Marion Street for a 911 hang up. The home owner stated that she didn’t make the call and let the officer know that the phone number was not her number.

Traffic – Driver cited and released at West High Street and Iberia Street for driving under suspension and having one working headlight.

Officer found a door open to the Mt. Gilead Elementary School. He checked inside the building and found nothing out of place.

June 24

Officer spotted a man in a dumpster at Goodwill. He informed the man that he was not permitted to be going through the dumpsters and showed him the posted sign. The officer advised that the man was trespassing and needed to leave the property.

A dog was reported being left inside a parked vehicle at Kroger. Upon arrival, the owner was at his vehicle and the dog appeared to be okay.

Burglary – A window of the Horse Show Building at the Morrow County Fairgrounds had been broken and multiple items of candy and drinks were taken.

June 25

Traffic – Man cited and released for driving under suspension and plates of another. 24/7 Towing took the vehicle.

June 26

A caller advised of a couple in the alley of West Center Street arguing. The officer patrolled the area but was unable to locate the individuals.

Alarm – at Meadow Drive. Officer found the cleaning crew working and they stated everything was okay.

Assist – Morrow County Sheriff’s office requested assistance with a possible fight. The parties were separated upon the officer’s arrival.

Traffic – Woman was cited for diving without a license while around West High and Iberia Street.

Assist – Officer assisted Morrow County Sheriff’s Office with a possible suicide at Candlewood Lake. Upon arrival the person informed the officers that he was not suicidal.

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