CARDINGTON — A few weeks before the 2021-2022 school year came to a close three Cardington FFA members were recognized for successes in their supervised agricultural experiences. Each year students are required to have their own SAE project and this applies to what they learned in the ag program to outside environments and agricultural areas. Alexis Crone, Mady Franks and Zoie Bagwell, each proved their hard work outside of the classsroom by becoming top four finalists in their given proficiency.

Crone applied for the Star State in Agribusiness Award which not only covers her specific project area but all 37 of the proficiency areas that are involved with agribusiness.

Through this division, Alexis contested against other members who own their own enterprise. Under her project she manages three of her own honeybee hives. She cares for the health and production of the bees, as well as attending meetings and events through multiple beekeeping associations. She also runs two different businesses, ABC honey consists of processing and selling honey along with her siblings and producing an allergy alleviation, Within Sweet Beauties Cosmetics, she created by products such as seven different flavors of lip balm. After turning to a 110 page application, it was announced at the convention that Alexis placed second in her category.

Mady Franks who qualified for the Veterinary Science Proficiency Award, works at the Castleton Way Veterinay Clinic where she cleans facilities, manages kennels, creates proper identification, helps with paperwork and filing, assists in standard appointments and prepares surgical patients.

She won the district with her proficiency and was recognized with a state gold rating. Following interviews in March, she placed third for her supervised agricultural experience.

Zoie Bagwell applied for the Small Animal Production Proficiency Award beginning as a freshman. She became interested in the rabbit industry and then established her own ARBA registered Rabbitry. She purchased three purebred Flemish Giant Breeding rabbits. Now, she breeds he own giants and markets her litters to sell. She also records growing processes, develops nesttng boxes and tattoos ears. Being a top four finalist, Zoe placed fourth for the Small Animal Production Proficiency.

By Alexis Peters, Cardington FFA reporter

submitted by Evelyn Long