June 6

Well-being – Caller advised that her daughter was schizophrenic and asked to check on her since she was at the gas station for a long time. The officer contacted the daughter. Afterwards, he was made aware that she had a suspended license. Her mother arrived later to pick her up.

Assist – Officer assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a combative male at the Morrow County Hospital.

June 8

Accident – Caller was struck by another vehicle a North Main Street and East High Street. Man was cited for failure to yield.

June 10

Caller advised that maintenance entered her apartment on Park Avenue without consent. Upon arrival she did not answer the door or phone calls made to her.

June 11

Assist – Morrow County Sheriff’s office asked for assistance delivering a message to an individual on Grant Street.

June 12

Alarm – The front door motion alarm was activated at the Morrow Family Health Center. The officer checked and all doors and windows were secure. Key holder arrived and shut off the alarm.

Threats – Caller of South Delaware Street advised that threatening comments were made to her.

Traffic – Man was cited for driving under suspension while in the area of Elm Street and Iberia Street.

Traffic – Woman was cited for driving under suspension while in the are of West North Street.