CARDINGTON — The program was presented by Mount Gilead librarians Ronda Spoon and Julian LaStoria when 17 members and guests of Chester Arbor met at the Edison Baptist Church April 4. Each person present was given a bag with a reminder on how important reading is and of the many programs they offer to the community.

During the next meeting of Chester Arbor, the Heartbeat Impact program will be observed with a shower for Heartbeat. All members are encouraged to donate a package of diapers. Following the meeting the gifts will be delivered to them and a tour will be available for interested persons.

There was discussion during this meeting on Chester Arbor’s Community Volunteer Recognition for 2022. Selection of this person will be made during the May meeting.

Other activities in which the Arbor will be involved during the next month will be the family dance at the Cardington Elementary Building, the Memorial Day parade in Cardington, making name cards for the people representing the Viet Nam veterans, and Honor Flight at home taking place in Marion. The Arbor will also be completing two more IMPACT activities by the end of June.

Those wishing to attend any of the meetings is welcome. The next meeting is at 6 pm on May 2 at the Edison Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Additional information can be obtained by calling 419-565-2887.

Chester Arbor consists of members from Cardington and surrounding communities in Morrow County, Ohio. Arbor members choose their activities from a variety of program choices including educational support, elderly and youth engagement, environmental stewardship and patriotic efforts.

By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel