MOUNT GILEAD — As a not-for-profit organization, Consolidated Cooperative returns its margins to members through “capital credits.”

At the end of each year, the co-op sets aside its extra funds to be returned to members in the future. They hold onto the profits for a set number of years in case of unexpected expenses, like storm damage, then they give the funds back once the waiting period has passed. This process saves their members money long-term, as it helps consolidated avoid loans and high interest rates.

Northmor Schools recently received $10,445 in capital credits returns to use however they need it. District Superintendent Chad Redmon noted that the money will go into the school’s general fund. “These dollars are greatly appreciated,” said Redmond. “They will benefit our students and staff directly.”

The amount of capital credits a member receives is directly tied to the amount of electricity they purchase within a year.

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