April 4

Caller reported a reckless driver in the Kroger area. I spoke with the caller and the driver. The driver stated that he was on his cell phone and did leave his lane. Officer did not see any signs of impairment.

Man was arrested on outstanding warrant while located on South Delaware Street.

Officer assisted another officer on a possible break in. They spoke with the homeowner, who was 80 years old, checked the residence inside and out and everything appeared to be okay.

A caller requested a well-being check on her mother after not being able to contact her via phone. Contact was made and person advised she was having phone issues.

April 5

After a traffic stop, man was arrested on an active warrant out of Morrow County and transported to the Morrow County Correctional Facility.

Woman was cited for driving under suspension after being pulled over for not having a license plate light.

A caller complained of hearing loud engines revving and 4-wheelers going up and down the roadway. Officer contacted the person who confirmed it was them and stated that they would stop for the evening. Officer advised them not to be on the roadway on the 4-wheelers inside the village.

Man cited for driving under suspension and drug paraphernalia.

April 6

Officer assisted sheriff deputy with K-9 investigating a theft of a firearm from County Rd 232. The suspect was arrested on County Rd 26. Suspect was pantless and did not have possession of a firearm. Area was searched by K-9. No firearm was found.

April 7

Three officers with two K-9 performed a K-9 sniff at the school and vehicles for narcotics.

Caller reported that she was abused numerous times since last year and ending in March this year.

Officer responded to an alarm on High Street. Person had just arrived home and couldn’t disable alarm.

Man cited for driving under suspension and expired registration.

April 8

A staff member of Certified reported a man sleeping in his vehicle. The man stated that he was just tired. He was not impaired and left without incident.

Caller reported she was having trouble getting her child back from the father. Father stated he suspected she was under the influence of drugs. Mother was checked and was not under the influence.

Officer assisted the squad. Female was transported to Marion.

A Rite Aid employee reported a van pulled through their lawn into their parking lot from Subway. No damage was done, and vehicle was gone upon officer’s arrival. Pictures were obtained.

Man cited for driving under suspension and having one working headlight.

April 10

Officer assisted E.M.S.

Officer was asked to contact a female for Galion Police Department concerning a theft. Attempt to contact female on several occasions was unsuccessful.

Mother reported giving her son permission to use her vehicle. Son is suspended and she is not sure where he or her vehicle is.

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