Cardington Village Council

Addressing Cardington Village council during its meeting held April 4

was Tom Whiston, Morrow County Commissioner, who asked council

to approve the resolution he brought for council’s consideration.

Following Whiston’s explanation, council approved the resolution which

is a confirmation of the appointments of Tim Hack (trustees); Jamie Brucker

(village) and Tom Whiston (county) to the Region 18 Opiate Board for Morrow County. Whiston said Morrow County is one of seven counties that make

up Region 18

In other matters, Deb Fry, village Fiscal Officer, submitted bills totaling

$30,050.37 including $10,864 to Buckeye Pumps for Flygt Pumps and $500

donation to the Cardington Beautification Committee for flowers that will

decorate the business district of the village this summer. Payment was


Also approved was a resolution certifying to the county auditor for inclusion on the tax duplicate the amounts owed to the village for delinquent water and sewer charges

Giving his report was fire chief Gary Goodman who said the department

had worked all day Sunday cleaning the swimming pool, a task they do

annually. Council agreed to fill the pool with no charge for water used.

Goodman said the roof on the fire house needs some attention as it is

now 40 years old.

Council agreed by resolution to accept the removal of Aaron Bigelow, Robert Coleman, Dustin Hall, Jeremy Radel, Hanna Taha and Shane Trotter from the

positions of volunteer firemen for the village of Cardington, effective April 4, 2022

A first reading was given a resolution enacting section 303.12 of the codified ordinances of the village,

Council agreed to a public hearing May 16 on rezoning of property on Reichelderfer Street and the O’Leary Williams Street Housing development.

Village Manager Deb Fry explained plans for the floral beautification of

the village, which includes fewer barrels (age has taken a toll on them)

Many of the trees in the downtown area will have flowers encircling

the bases of the trees.

Council member Troy Ruehrmund reviewed events planned by

Friends of Cardington for the community during the coming months

By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel