Reading the news published in Morrow County newspapers in the month of March during past years, I found the following: March, 1916: Cardington Mayor J. F. Brollier issued the following pool room regulations: “ No card playing for money; no chucking dice, no playing pool for money and no raffling guns or other property!”

March, 1928: Carl Lamprecht, Cardington participant in the Glenwood Club trapshooting event at Forest, holds the distinction of having shot at more targets than any other man in the United States during the past year.

He tried for a total of 14,000 of the elusive clay birds carefully kept records reveal. Although only a fair shot, Lamprecht attends and participates in most of the leading shoots in every section of the country simply from love of the sport.

March 1935: Dr. E. C. Sherman purchased the two story Moccabee Office building in Cardington. He expects to remodel the building, tearing down a portion at the rear of the structure. Dr. Sherman will not move to the office for several weeks.

March, 1946: Named in this issue were several of the service men returning from serving in World War II: Kenenth Heacock, John Lovette, Mr. Stoner (his name was blurred in this edition, his brother, John was still serving) Raymond Campbell, Ramsey L. Benson, Morris Koon, Addison Dixon, Russell Conant, Ellison Kaufman, Robert R. Berry, Robert J. Kreis, and Edward Ebert. Additional servicemen discharged from the Army included Arthur Chipps, Homer Roberts, Donald Healea and Gilbert Russett.

March, 1948: Pictured was William Piper, Morrow County treasurer, with an old fashioned high wheeled bike that he planned to exhibit during the Morrow County Centennial celebration being held later that year.

Cardington High School senior Kent Curl, placed first in the general scholarship test for Morrow County seniors.

March, 1949: Advertised by Click Motor Sales was the 1948 Kaiser automobile at the price of $2088,48.

More from past March newspapers: 1952: Robert Bowman, Cardington High School senior, attended the sixth annual World Affairs Institute in Cincinnati; 1972: Hickory Realty Co in Cardington was incorporated by Thomas Ray, Eugene Kochheiser and Maxine Snyder; 1982: George V. Nash, former superintendent of the Cardington-Lincoln Schools from 1967-1978, died suddenly at Morrow County Hospital on March 5. He was 61 years old. At the time of his death Mr. Nash was a member of both village council and the village’s planning commission. He was president of the Cardington Improvement Corporation and was heading an effort to build tennis courts in the village.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist