I’ve read much about the blizzard of 1978 this week but one year before that there was the blizzard of 1977. In fact, the headline in the Morrow County Independent Jan. 27, 1977, headlined “You Will Remember the Winter of 76-77.”

The stories in that and further editions describe the closing of schools in the county, the many roads that were closed due to deep snow; and facts such as “this was the coldest winter in over a hundred years, over 16 inches of snow on the ground; the ground covered by snow for more than 30 days and more missed days of school because of poor road conditions and cold than for many years.”

Even the dam across Whetstone Creek was encrusted with ice. I remember those storms both years and I remember the cold, cold temps in 1977. But Spring did arrive and it will again!

Cardington Mayor, J. F. Brollier, placed this warning in a 1920 Morrow County Independent: “To the parents of children: playing ball on the brick streets of Cardington must be stopped for the protection of your children.No one objects or cares for children coasting or hauling their wagons on the sidewalks when necessary, but you must stop gathering in front of houses and running your wagons for hours at a time; it is all most unbearable.

“Play in front of your own house. Bicycle riders must not forget that the sidewalk was made to walk on. You have not the right of way.”

I wonder how he would view things today.

In response to those who like to read names from past years, I found the following from the February, 1947 Cardington Searchlight newspaper:

Pictured was the varsity basketball team ready to play in the county tournament: Alton Roach, Dewey Yake, Kent Curl, Louis Levering, Bill Maxwell, and Paul Bowman.

Also pictured was the reserve team: Carl Barry, Wayne Mateer, Bill Kern, Harold Bean, Marshall Maxwell, Gene Louderback, Bill Bowman, Dale Dunaway, Carl Stevens, and Henry Newcomer. Don Bowman was score- keeper and Loren Levering, Manager.

Snippets from the past

February, 1942: Ohio Governor John W. Bricker proclaimed that all clocks in the state be advanced one hour on February 9 to institute war savings time, “in order that victory over the enemies of the United States may be final, speedy and complete.”

February, 1952: Lawrence L. Carpenter of Cardington enlisted for three years in the U.S. Army; annual subscription rate of the Morrow County Independent was increased by a half dollar to $2.50; More than 7,000 people attended the grand opening of the Morrow County Hospital February 8-10;

February, 1972: Mrs. Don Wilson was named manager of the Cardington Swimming Pool for 1972; Pam Foltz, senior, was crowned Winter Sports Night Queen at Cardington-Lincoln High School.


By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist