Jan. 3-10

Animal Call, Road 78, Congress

Run Away/Unruly, US 42, Gilead

Assist Other Unit, SR 19, N Bloomfield

Vandalism, Road 20, Franklin

Animal Call, SR 97, Troy

Threats/Harassment, SR314, S. Bloomfield

Suspicious Vehicle, SR 61, Washington

Threats/Harassment, Road 45, Troy

Assist Other Unit, Road 59, Congress

Suspicious Person, Road 26, Bennington

Disabled Vehicle, SR 288, N. Bloomfield

Threats/Harassment, Road 96, Franklin

Missing Person, Road 176, Chester

Disabled Vehicle, SR 309, Washington

Disabled Vehicle, SR 309, Washington

Animal Call, Road 119, Franklin

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 109, Franklin

Threats/ Harassment, Road 108, Franklin

Breaking and Entering, SR 229, Peru

Assist Other Unit, Road 37, Troy

Run Away/Unruly, SR 95, Gilead

Theft, Road 218, Peru

Assist Other Unit, SR 314, Perry

Vandalism, Road 100, Congress

Suspicious Person, SR 95, Chester

Breaking and Entering, Road 108, Franklin

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 26, Harmony

Suspicious Person, Road 57, N. Bloomfield

Animal Call, SR 95/Road 109, Franklin

Breaking Entering, Road 206, Bennington

Animal Call, SR 95/I-71, Chester

Domestic, SR 229, Bennington

Unruly, SR 95, Gilead

Breaking Entering, Road 218, Peru

Suspicious Vehicle, W. Main, Fulton

Larceny, Road 156, Westfield

Domestic, US 42, Congress

Domestic, SR 95, Canaan

Larceny, Road 80, Perry

Neighbor Trouble, SR 309, Washington

Noise Complaint, Road 61, Washington

Domestic, Road 38, N. Bloomfield

Suspicious Person, S. Portland, Chesterville