COLUMBUS — Maryhaven, Inc. announced today that its board of directors has accepted the resignation of Shawn Holt as CEO, effective Dec. 31, 2021. Holt’s resignation comes as a mutual agreement between Maryhaven’s board and Holt, in response to a recent investigation into Maryhaven’s executive compensation, bonuses and benefits.

Executive compensation, bonuses and benefits were largely determined and controlled by Holt, while Holt’s compensation, bonuses and benefits were determined and controlled by the board and were subject to an employment agreement between he and the board.

According to the employment agreement and the bylaws of Maryhaven, board authorization was required to award Holt any compensation, bonuses or benefits outside of the employment agreement. The investigation revealed that Holt received compensation outside of his employment agreement. As a member of the executive leadership team, Holt believed he was entitled to the same benefits, bonuses and policies that applied to the rest of the executives. The board disagreed, believing that Holt’s compensation, bonuses and benefits were exclusively set out in his employment agreement.

Maryhaven’s Board Chair, Kevin Brady, said, “After careful deliberation and discussion, the board and Shawn decided changes needed to be made and agreed to a mutual separation of employment. The change in administration will have no negative impact on our commitment to Maryhaven’s mission of treating those suffering with illness due to addiction.”

Holt joined Maryhaven as CEO in July 2016, and during his tenure he guided the organization through significant changes and accomplishments, including:

• Creating the Maryhaven Addiction Stabilization Center (MASC), which has provided immediate access to treatment for over 6,000 patients over four years.

• Streamlining the admissions process by creating a centralized admission unit, increasing the daily intake/assessments from on average 5-7/day to 17.6/day, which has significantly decreased the time for individuals to receive treatment.

• Re-organizing and centralizing Franklin County addiction treatment services. Maryhaven now offers ­­­centralized withdrawal management services at its South High location and centralized longer-term residential services at its Alum Creek location.

• Enhancing Maryhaven’s cultural diversity and inclusion practices to address social justice initiatives and implicit biases.

Holt helped the organization stay open and operational through major changes related to controlled substance regulatory requirements, the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing shortages, changes and shortages of medical staff and changes in nursing staff.

In a statement, Holt said: “I’ve had the privilege of leading a great organization with the support of dedicated and talented team members who believe in the mission of Maryhaven. Thanks to the tireless dedication of the team, we were able to successfully change the trajectory of Maryhaven’s programs, while impacting our community in a meaningful way. The work of Maryhaven is challenging but essential.”

The board has appointed Adam Rowan as CEO on an interim basis, while the organization begins the process of a search to fill the position. Rowan has been with the organization since September 2017 and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing all day-to-day operations of the organization. Rowan will retain his COO responsibilities during the interim period.

Maryhaven is central Ohio’s oldest and most comprehensive treatment center and is one of the few centers in the country where people can get help for free.

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