CARDINGTON — Village Council kicked off the new year with the oath of office given to four re-elected members. Mayor Susie Peyton gave the oath of office to Jim Morris, Nancy Edwards, John Nippert and Dianna Haycook.

Nippert was re-elected council president.

Council adjourned the regular meeting for the annual meeting with members of the Glendale Cemetery Board and Cardington Township Trustees. Giving the Glendale Cemetery financial report was Vicki Ullom, Glendale Fiscal officer who reported an appropriation in general government balance of $201,395, which was approved by members of the three entities.

Others participating in this joint meeting were members of the Glendale Cemetery Board, Scott Carsner, Jim Morris, representing Cardington Village Council and Doug Heacock, representing the Cardington Township Trustees. Others present were Cardington Township trustees Mike Patterson and Dan Green and Darla Hardwick, clerk.

Cardington council reconvened during which time they approved an ordinance establishing rules for providing notice of meetings of council and its committee during the coming year, and a resolution setting forth procedures with respect to the conduct of council.

In other business:

• A resolution was approved establishing the number of firefighters to be employed or authorized to serve as members of the Cardington Fire Department for the calendar year 2022. This resolution establishes a fire chief and an assistant fire chief to be employed on a part time basis. It also establishes that the village authorizes not more than 35 volunteer fire fighters to be paid for firefighting duties as authorized by the annual village salary ordinance and the Cardington Volunteer Fire department regulations.

• A resolution approved establishing the number of deputy marshals to be authorized within the Cardington Police Department for the calendar year 2022. This resolution declares the village employ one full time officer to serve as village marshall/police chief and four additional full-time deputy marshals/patrolmen; one school resource officer and provide for six additional part time positions for help within the police department.

It also calls for an additional auxiliary force as authorized in a number not to exceed 15 officers.

• Police Chief James Wallace reported the department took a total of 46 calls for service in December with a total of 867 calls for the year of 2021.

Wallace said the department will be holding in-service training on a monthly basis. He noted the first in-service training session of 2022 will be held Jan.8. He added the department will be trained in Knav Maga with the instructions provided by Officer Colburn Village Administrator Walt Pollock reported the water treatment plant contractor is returning to work on the integrational issues that continue.

He also said they are having problems with the pump at the Third Street lift station, and noted they had to get a borrowed pump to pump the water out of the lift station to start repairs. Finally, he said the building is complete at the Marion well site, done before the cold weather arrived.

He also noted this was part of a change order of the WTP and that by putting it up “ourselves, we saved quite a bit of money.”

• Fiscal Officer Deb Fry gave her report, which included finalizing the year 2021. The check report for December, 2021 totaled $91,813.71 and included payment of $25,000 for the purchase of the in town lot from Dr. David Steck.

Included was the semi-annual loan payments to the OWDA and OPWA for water and wastewater loans annual renewal of general liability and equipment insurance totaling $219,269.80.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel