Meeting for the first time since Nov. 15, Cardington Village council approved was the purchase of the downtown parking lot from David Steck, DDS, and Sandra Steck for the purpose of a public parking lot. The price of $25,000 will be paid from the village street fund.

In other business:

• Approved an ordinance accepting the recommendation of the village administrator to enter into an amended contract with T-Mobile Central, LLC for the installation of communication equipment and rent of village property known as the village of Cardington’s water tower.

The tenant, T-Mobile Central, desires to install a backup generator on the village property, the water tower. The village administrator negotiated the contract.

Due to the additional area required by the tenant, the village is to receive rental revenues of $3,240 per quarter and an additional $1,080 totaling $4,320 per quarter for the term of five years. With each subsequent renewal term, an increase of 10 percent over the rent for the immediately preceding renewal term will be added to the $1,080 for the generator.

Council accepted this contract.

• Council approved bills for payment that included $35,624.76 to Strawser Paving Company for the Main Street Sidewalk project and $1,080. to the state of Ohio for fire department radios.

• Reviewing the November summary of revenue, Fry said revenues were higher in 2021 compared to 2020. She said during the first 10 days of December the biggest item to note is the income tax collections and although only the first distribution this month, they are down quite a bit compared to last year.

• Approved amending the permanent appropriations for the village for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31. Fry explained this amendment was needed to add items to the police department to order the next police cruiser and to increase the payroll line items within the police department.

• A third and final reading was given two ordinances, one adopting a budget in tentative form for 2022 and the other adopting an appropriations budget in tentative form for 2022.

• Council agreed to place an ad in the Morrow County Sentinel for the 2021 holidays at the cost of $98.

• Approved an ordinance authorizing the fiscal officer to write off as un-collectable certain utility bills and to reflect the same on the village financial documents.

• Police Chief James Wallace reported the department took a total of 55 calls for service in November.

• The threat assessments that the state of Ohio has required for the schools to do have been completed by the department and the schools. All forms have been turned into the state as required, he said. All officers attended firearms requalification and he thanked Sgt. Lance Plough of the Morrow County Sheriff’s office for his time.

• Council will meet next on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel