MOUNT GILEAD — Candace Herr from the Ohio State University Extension Office, was the speaker when the Cardington Seniors met Oct. 22 at the Senior Center.

Herr’s topic was focused on eating right when money is tight. Those attending each wrote down their own tips to do this and shared them with the group.

The speaker had a multiple choice quiz about foods and what country they originated from. Many of these weren’t what seemed to be most obvious. Potatoes didn’t originate in Ireland, etc.

Debbie Benson won the prize for most correct answers. Marie Christiano won the second place prize.

Handouts were given on specifics of saving on groceries such as:

• Plan meals for week and buy accordingly;

• Follow sales in circular and online. Use coupons;

• Use store rewards card;

• Use store brands;

• Compare unit prices of different brands;

• Freeze in portion size what you are not using right away.

Carolyn Poorman served her pumpkin chip cookies at this luncheon-meeting.

Next month a representative from the Attorney Generals’s office will speak about new scams if 15 people make reservations.

Seniors will meet next at noon on Friday, Nov. 19, one week earlier than usual. Reservations or cancellations must be made by noon Thursday, Nov. 18 by calling 419-946-4141.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel