By Rob Hamilton

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Mount Gilead took the boys’ team title at Tuesday’s Fredericktown Invitational, topping 18 other full teams to place first with 62 points.

Michael Snopik led the way for MG, winning the race with a time of 15:58.64. Reed Supplee took seventh in 16:36.48 and Will Baker ran 14th in 17:03.85. Parker Bartlett finished 20th in 17:17.86, while Ethan Kemp was 22nd in 17:22.49, Ethan Honzo placed 32nd in 17:45.17 and Colson Chapman had a time of 18:03.42 — good for 42nd.

Also, Cole Hershner was 55th, Bradley Butcher was 86th, Aaron Gannon was 89th, Seamus Walsh was 96th, Nathan Smith was 113th, Luke Fraizer was 118th, Quade Harris was 120th, Colt Hedrick was 150th, Samuel Baer was 154th, Tommy Emberg was 169th, Mason Kidwell was 170th, Joel Conrad was 178th, Ryan Swalley was 180th, Josh Burnaugh was 214th, Carson Mowery was 218th, Gavin Keller was 219th and Travis Fox was 225th.

All Morrow County teams participated in the meet. Highland was seventh with 202 points. Joel Roberts led the team by running 11th with a time of 16:55.17. Grath Garee took 38th in 17:55.95, while Brendan Lester placed 46th in 18:11.58. Caleb Wetzel claimed 61st in 18:35.13 and Corban Benedict was 62nd in 18:35.42. Daniel Grandstaff ran 85th in 19:17.71, while Colton Clarkson took 100th in 19:38.1.

Also, Russell Martin was 114th, Jacob Garber was 115th, Cash LaFever was 165th, Grant Jennings was 171st, Blaine Honaker was 187th and Harken Peck was 208th.

Taking ninth with 251 points was Northmor. For the Golden Knights, Ryan Lehman was ninth with a time of 16:47.51. Lucas Weaver took 27th in 17:38.9, while T.J. Diehl finished 58th in 18:32.71. Bryce Cooper claimed 76th in 19:00.14, Jed Adams ran 142nd in 21:09.01, Dylan Amens took 148th in 21:25.43 and Parker Brown was 189th in 23:29.26.

Cardington ran 19th in the meet with 522 points. They were led by A.J. Brehm’s 72nd-place finish in 18:53.78. Ryan Clinger took 166th in 22:02.75, while Aidan Reitmire was 177th in 22:40.24 and Aaron Howard finished 184th in 23:05.98. Isaac Dela Cruz was 204th in 24:42.98 and Bryce Moodispaugh placed 221st in 32:18.3.

For Gilead Christian, Seth Bartam took 99th place with a time of 19:36.13.

In the girls’ race, Mount Gilead took sixth with 165 points, while Cardington was ninth with 221, Highland took 12th with 293 and Northmor ran 13th with 299. A total of 16 teams were in the race.

Mount Gilead’s Michaela McGill placed second in the race, finishing in 19:02.62. Haley Pfeifer placed 21st in 21:18.58, while Kimberly Staley claimed 46th in 22:47.65 and Ava Baker took 55th in 23:12.17. Madilyn Elson placed 62nd in 23:27.44, Asia Jones ran 108th in 25:35.97 and Ella Fraizer took 109th in 25:39.09.

Also, Rebeka Clark was 121st, Grace Shipman was 122nd, Kate Kelty was 126th and Meaghan Clapper was 142nd.

Cardington was led by Loey Hallabrin, who was eighth in 20:08.25. Morgan White placed 26th in 21:29.95, and Gracie Meade finished 34th in 21:56.32. Mikayla Linkous took 85th in 24:32.42, while Marnie Young was 152nd in 30:05.9.

For Highland, Jade Disbennett placed 23rd overall in 21:24.15. Katelyn Schade was 63rd in 23:30.09 and Abbie Pruett ran 81st in 24:18.77, while Kelsea Whisman placed 92nd in 24:48.72 and Greer Orr took 110th in 25:39.26. Shelby Conley claimed 112th in 25:47.39 and Hannah Wagner placed 119th in 26:33.1.

Also, Cara Chamberlain was 128th, Juli Ward was 139th, Skylar White was 154th, Lizzie Beck was 155th and Mattie Ross was 169th.

Northmor was led by Lauren Johnson, who was 47th in 22:50.69. Riley Johnson finished 60th in 23:22.16 and Maddison Yaussy placed 68th in 23:41.38. Hannah Kanagy finished 91st in 24:47.55, Maizy Brinkman ran 95th in 24:57.94 and Kaylene Brinkman took 98th in 25:12.27. Haley Dille placed 99th in 25:16.89.

Also, Ella Creswell was 118th, Harley Barler was 28:32.77 and Kelbie Kightlinger was 145th.

Gilead Christian’s Allyson Green placed 51st in 22:55.81, while teammate Cassidy Gamble ran 125th in 27:01.87.

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