CARDINGTON — The sixth annual Glendale Cemetery Tour in Cardington will be given from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 3.

The graves of Millie Lauffer, Steve Maceyko, Sr., Stanley Shaw, Harry Curl and Art Kinsell will be visited.

Giving brief biographies of each will be Donna Carver portraying Mrs. Lauffer; Monty Maceyko, describing the llfe of his grandfather; Steve Maceyko, Sr; Gene Gompf, remembering Harry Curl and Wes Goodman, who will review the life of Art Kinsell.

Pat Drouhard will share the life of Stanley Shaw through the eyes of his father, Virgil Shaw.

Stanley was killed during World War II when his B-29 plane was shot down over Guam. His body was never recovered.

Snacks will be provided by Lisa Brake, Realtor with Re/Max Town Center.

A price of $5 a person is suggested for the tour. The committee is working on a medium in which visitors can access the names of each of those named on the Civil War Monument to learn about that veteran.

Tour organizers suggest that entrance to the cemetery be made through the rear gate, Glendale Avenue, where there is ample parking. Carts will be available for those who find it difficult to walk.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel