By Rob Hamilton

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On Saturday, the Mount Gilead boys were first of 20 teams at Seneca East. Michael Snopik won his race in 16:20.56 and Reed Supplee took fifth in 17:05.56, while Will Baker was eighth in 17:17.27. Parker Bartlett placed 15th in 17:26.48, Ethan Kemp was 17th in 17:34.18 and Colson Chapman took 34th in 18:36.45. Seamus Walsh ran 35th in 18:37.45.

Also, Ethan Honzo was 37th, Philip Emberg was 46th, Cole Hershner was 47th, Bradley Butcher was 79th, Luke Fraizer was 86th, Nathan Smith was 103rd, Joel Conrad was 118th, Colt Hedrick was 121st, Samuel Baer was 122nd, Ryan Swalley was 143rd, Mason Kidwell was 174th, Josh Burnaugh was 175th, Landon Spoon was 179th, Gavin Keller was 181st, Tommy Emberg was 192nd, Joshua Davis was 201st, Ethan Irwin was 221st, Carson Mowery was 223rd and Travis Fox was 229th.

The girls’ team finished fourth out of 16 teams. Michaela McGill led the way by placing fourth in 19:34.02. Ava Baker was 39th in 22:52.3, while Haley Pfeifer finished 43rd in 23:01.74. Tatum Neal placed 51st in 23:28.76, Kimberly Staley took 54th in 23:32.63, Karley Wallace claimed 70th in 24:16.16 and Madilyn Elson ran 98th in 25:36.94.

Also, Grace Shipman was 99th, Ella Fraizer was 111th, Natalie Jagger was 118th, Rebeka Clark was 147th, Aubrey Thomas was 158th and Kate Kelty was 163rd.

Colonel Crawford Inv.

Northmor’s boys’ cross country team ran second out of 15 teams Saturday at Colonel Crawford.

Ryan Lehman was the race winner in 17:31.45. Lucas Weaver ran eighth in 18:01.46, while Bryce Cooper took 12th in 18:19.58 and Connor Radojcsics was 23rd in 19:19.27. T.J. Diehl finished 30th in 19:46.54, Jed Adams took 48th in 20:39.55 and Dylan Amens finished 64th in 22:25.54.

Also, Parker Brown was 82nd.

Cardington took 12th in the race, with A.J. Brehm running 26th in 19:31.3 and Zay Nippert finishing 32nd in 19:52.93. Ryan Clinger placed 75th in 23:07.2, Aaron Howard finished 97th in 25:02.06 and Bryce Moodispaugh finished 111th in 30:01.6.

For Gilead Christian, Seth Bertam was 49th in 20:44.65 and Isaiah Brown took 105th in 26:56.33.

Cardington took second place out of 11 teams in the girls’ race.

Loey Hallabrin was second in the race in 20:35.53 and Magi Hallabrin ran ninth in 21:29.41. Morgan White finished 14th in 22:18.02 and Hazel Jolliff claimed 25th in 23:57.81, while Gracie Meade ran 28th in 24:10.83 and Marnie Young took 77th in 29:59.29.

Northmor was fourth in the meet, with Lauren Johnson finishing 20th in 23:15.31, Riley Johnson running 26th in 24:01.79 and Maddison Yaussy claiming 32nd in 24:29.8. Kaylene Brinkman was 46th in 26:49.65 and Hannah Kanagy took 47th in 26:50.23, while Maizy Brinkman finished 48th in 27:01.98 and Haley Dille ran 58th in 27:35.2.

Also, Ella Creswell was 62nd, Harley Barler was 80th, Katie Statler was 82nd and Kelbie McDonald was 91st.

Gilead Christian’s Cassidy Gamble placed 69th in 28:35.96.

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