CARDINGTON — Eric Pettit was introduced as the newly hired Cardington-Lincoln Middle School Principal when the C-L Board of Education met for its last meeting of the current school year.

He was awarded a three-year contract.

Pettit, a graduate of Buckeye Valley High School, has been serving as assistant principal at Jonathan Alder School. Pettit, his wife and three children, who were in attendance were welcomed by the board.

In other matters:

• Tiffany Susi, Pals of Pirates, give an update on the playground plans.

• Jon Mason, district treasurer, giving the final report for the year, said although it looked bad in the beginning, real estate and other parts of the financial scene bounced back “giving us a positive net difference in what we spent and took in. We were able to purchase two buses, instead of one, thanks to the stimulus money,” he said.

• Approved his report, which included the final fiscal year 2021 appropriations and temporary fiscal year 2022 appropriations.

• Approved a three year bus service contract with Mattix Garage for fiscal years 2022-2024.

• Approved the Mid-Ohio Service Agreement with Mid-Ohio to provide vision services (teacher of the visually impaired and/or orientation and mobility) from August 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

• The board accepted the resignation of Emily Marconi, middle school math teacher, effective June 30, 2021.

• There is no board meeting scheduled for July.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel