CARDINGTON — Mayor Susie Peyton opened the meeting of Village Council with a public hearing on the 2022 tax revenue budget. Following the analysis given by Fiscal Officer Deb Fry, council adopted the permanent resource budget for 2022.

Resuming council’s regular meeting, Fry gave the finance report during which said the summary of revenue for the period ending June 24, 2021, revealed income tax collections exceeded both 2019 and 2020. Gas taxes are also up from the previous periods, she noted.

She referenced the American Rescue Plan Act and information she had received from the Ohio Municipal League, noting the U.S. Treasury has now decided that townships are considered a non-entitlement entity like villages. She said the result is that the estimated amount “that we thought we were going to receive has been reduced by “quite a bit.”

“The original estimated count totaled to Collections for the year totaled $379,760 to be received in two different years, but the estimated revised amount is $216,939.44, to be received in two different years, a difference of $162,820.60.

In other business:

• The 2020 financial audit has begun, with the engagement letter presented for council approval reflecting total costs of $4,305.00.

• Payment of bills totaled $43,783.33 and included payments to Clear Fork Valley Electric for installation of drives at the wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $3,400. Also paid was Landis Seal Coat for paving Heimlich Park at $800 with the labor donated. Included was a payment of $1,080 to the State of Ohio treasurer for MARCS radio installment.

• Council authorized by resolution for the administrator to enter into contract with residents for the sale of stone and trash bags.

• An ordinance establishing a 2% increase in compensation for village employees was approved and “shall be in force and in effect at the earliest time permitted by law.”

• Council agreed to a resolution authorizing the administrator to enter into a lease agreement with the Morrow County Health Department for use of Mosquito Sprayer equipment at a cost of $400 a month.

• Council approved a permit application submitted by Friends of Cardington for the Cardington Wine and Arts festival on Sept.25.

• Fire Chief Gary Goodman said the department has made 126 runs this year. He said the department still has 2021 calendars for sale and noted the need for windows in the small room used by on-duty firemen squad members. The room is at the rear of the fire department engine house.

• Village Administrator Walt Pollock discussed the valve issue that remains at the water plant. He is obtaining quotes for tree removal and trimming. He will be presenting his findings at a later meeting.

• Prior to the regular meeting, members of Friends of Cardington reviewed with council the Street Fair with plans for next year’s event.

• Plans are being made for the dedication of Maxwell Park with the Maxwell family later this year.

• Council will meet on July 6.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel