The Cardinal Center opened its trapshooting season with Karen’s Cup, held from May 28-30, and the Buckeye Classic, which ran from June 2-6.

The All Around champions at Karen’s Cup, which possessed a total of seven events over its three days, are as follows. Overall, 742 contestants competed over the course of those seven events, with Saturday’s Handicap Championship having the largest crowd of 185 participants.

Champion, Joseph Charnigo, 386; Class AA, John Thomas, 379; Class A, Terry Louderback, 373; Class B, Ronald Arter, 372; Class C, Charles Moody, 372; Class D, James Stevens, 356; Sub Junior, Hunter Mullins, 365; Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 376; Junior Gold, Bryce Posten, 380; Sub Veteran, Jim Walker II, 368; Veteran, Ed Harruff, 379; Sr. Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 363; Lady1, Sharon Patrick, 343; Lady2, Sharon Cogan, 367.

A total of 12 events were held during the Buckeye Classic, with a total of 4278 competitors participating over the five-day competition. Of that total, 871 were in Saturday’s Browning Singles Championship to make that the most popular competition for shooters.

Following are the All Around and High Overall championships for the Buckeye Classic.

All Around

Champion, Ian Darroch, 393; Runner-up, Michael Wengerd, 389; Class AAA, Tate Hedrick, 389; Class AA, Kevin Dawson, 384; Class A, Tuff Hutchins, 382; Class B, Rife Denlinger, 382; Class C, Alex Ohr, 371; Class D, Zackary Anderson, 371; Sub Junior, Lane Adkins, 375; Junior, Andrew Collins, 384; Junior Gold, Seth Cooper, 385; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 389; Veteran, Joel Etchen, 388; Sr. Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 386; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 387; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 379.

High Overall

Champion, Joseph Charnigo, 971; Runner-up, Michael Wengerd, 966; Class AAA, Aaron Willoughby, 961; Class AA, Kevin Dawson, 946; Class A, Dan Schock, 946; Class B, Rife Denlinger, 945; Class C, Richard Henry, 931; Class D, Kaylee Joseph, 927; Sub Junior, Dylan Hall, 932; Junior, Tuff Hutchins, 945; Junior Gold, Seth Cooper, 940; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 962; Veteran, Steve Corwin, 941; Sr. Veteran, Robert Dyer, 946; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 959; Lady2, Sharon Cogan, 907.

By Rob Hamilton

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