April 1-May 31

Joshua Arnold and Jessica Lynch.

Robert Cramer and Lori Ann Crawford.

Jeff Foster and Andrea VanDyke.

Jeremy Gorka and Tausha Kimmel.

John Heminger and Laura Miller.

Ryan Holzer and Randi Shears.

Michael Hovis and Jessica Shelley.

Dallas James and Laura Rutledge.

Richard Johnston and Sheri Likens.

Michael Kron and Jada Vasquez.

Robert Meltzer and Elizabeth Hall.

Aaron Morris and Hope Colflesh.

Kerry Naylor and Jennifer Hubschman.

Christian Von Nicholson and Rebecca Morro.

Samuel Raber and Esther Wengerd.

Jeffery Robinson and Cynthia Hartley.

Joshua Stekn and Gabrielle Ciolek.

Tevor Tallman and Tori Staton.

Zachary Temple and Piper Hopple.

Daniel Yoder and Rachel Yoder.

Lamar Yoder and Hope Krabill.

Sean Allen and Taylor Welch.

Trent Baker and Destin Medlar.

William Burkhardt and Eileen Sheppard.

Benjamin Clinger and Robin Dawson.

Donald Compton and Emily Crowder.

Scott Deel and Marbella Arce.

Patrick Dougherty and Krista Mathews.

Michael Dyer and Kayla Rakowiecki.

Corey Hart and Michaela McSweeney.

James Hempy and Sandra Henderson.

Canyon Hickman and Kayla Weese.

Cody Jackson and Macy Nunn.

Oris Keim and Anna Yoder.

Robert Lynch and Amanda Euans.

David Maulucci and Jessica Weaver.

Emanuel Miller and Anna Raber.

Eligerr Mosby and Kimberly Kasson.

Lawrence Reed and Paula Cochran.

Joseph Rine and Brandi Rogers.

Shaun Staton and Koleesha Nelson.