Marengo resident Ray Metzger declared his candidacy for the top job in the state in May.

“The last couple of years have been tough for Ohioans. I’ve heard from many people that they’re frustrated with our current administration and feel we were not given the opportunity to make our own decisions. After thirty years in management, I’ve seen the best in people when they’re supported and empowered to succeed. Our personal freedoms aren’t supposed to go away in a crisis, and they should’ve been restored a long time ago,” he said in a news release.

“I know what it’s like to feel no hope, no optimism, no joy in life. A strong support system is so important for people, especially our youth, in today’s society. Structure, unwavering support, and the ability to make decisions — both good and bad — are necessary for personal growth and accountability. I want to provide these to those who need it, who seek it, and who actively participate in it.”

The Delaware native said two key aspects of his administration will be supportive community interaction and reforming how the state government operates.

“On my first day in office, I will limit the ability of elected officials to make decisions for our citizens. Emergency orders should be reviewed by our Legislative branch within 30 days, and either ratified or rescinded. No one office should have the power to act, unchecked, for as long as DeWine has.

“I will also require those serving in an elected or appointed position to interact with their constituents regularly. We work for them. We need to be accessible to them. Period.”

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