5323 Township Road 211, Bennington Township, Darryl Reichling and Gail Matushek to Dale and Catherine Wayne, $105,000.

State Route 229, Bennington Township, Jarrod Bichon and Timothy Hass to William Crum and Dennis Hayes, $7,500.

Township Road 60, Canaan Township, Tim Hass to Joshua and Kayla Detty, $44,000.

County Road 130, Canaan Township, MSCF Properties LLC to AMB Farms, $240,000.

3050 County Road 61, Canaan Township, Rickey and Lisa Cox to Jack and Amanda Albert, $50,000.

1600 County Road 11, Cardington Township, George and Patricia Louis to RT Renovations LLC, $110,000.

2416 Township Road, Chester Township, Carolyn Haywood to Meghan Overton, $187,000.

208 S. Portland St., Chesterville, Jay Middleton to Reyna Castillo, $70,000.

7681 County Road 20, Congress Township, Adam Fulk to David Schultz, $398,000.

Lots 158, 159, Congress Township, Candlewood Lakes Association Inc. to Thomas and Melanie Smith, $13,500.

Lot 25, Congress Township, Viva L’Italia LLC to Martha D. Livingston Revocable Trust, $390,000.

Lots 81, 82, Congress Township, Mark and Tina Schaeufele to Douglas and Donna Daugherty, $185,000.

Lot 161, Congress Township Tonya Reed to James Shaum, $7,500.

Lots 66, 67, Congress Township, Rodney Charley to Karen Riley, $7,500.

Lots 44, 45, 46, Congress Township David Chervank to Matthew and Phyllis Carey, $65,000.

Lots 30, 31, 32, Congress Township Mark and Susan Dougherty to Mandy Mernedakis and Dennis Swanson, $264,500.

Lots 153, 154, Congress Township, Bailee Huston to Thomas and Sherrie Thomas, $5,000.

Lot 50, Congress Township, Wayne and Linda McKenna to Karen Smith, $11,000.

Lot 253, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. Andrew and Katelin Baughman, $3,000.

County Road 98, Franklin Township, Mark and Mary Lou Tebbe to Jeffrey and Katelin Stuttler, $80,000.

4294 State Route 314, Franklin Township, Nancy Alspach to RT Renovations LLC, $126,000.

6990 County Road 14, Franklin Township, Lennie and Wilma Zornes to Troy and Karolyn Layman, $330,000.

5361 Township Road 117, Franklin Township, Jonas and Sarah Yoder to Harley and Mary Keim, $150,000.

5711 County Road 109, Franklin Township, Ronald Harper to James and Rebecca Pence, $340,000.

3099 County Road 69, Gilead Township, Reuben and Shannon Rhoden to Dillon and Kristen Coffee, $220,000.

4310 Township Road 110, Gilead Township, John and Denise Schmeitzel to Steven and Jamie Lee, $85,000.

5547 State Route 42, Gilead Township, Grover and James Keil to Decker & Hull Rentals, $8,000.

555 West Marion Road, Mount Gilead, Waldorf Shopping Mall Inc. to NS Retail Holdings LLC, $3,390,000.

370 S. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, Kana Properties LLC to Dwayne Whitt, $10,000.

231 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Benjamin and Makaylee Hayes to Matthew Sherman, $168,000.

242 Lincoln Ave., Mount Gilead, Reuben and Elizabeth Rice to Jesus Nava, $124,000.

99 S. Main St., Mount Gilead, Franklin and Sandra Pierce to Derek Fike et al, $165,000.

125 W Marion St., Mount Gilead, Katelynn Davis and Kasey Brown to Kurtis Murfield, $180,000.

122 S. Main St., Mount Gilead, Daniel Campbell to Joshua and Sirey Perry, $136,000.

520 Cypress Lane, Mount Gilead, Sheila Stewart to Mary Buntemeyer, $170,000.

4515 Township Road 179, Harmony Township, J Marlin LLC to Ann Cherokee, $25,000.

5421 County Road 25, Harmony Township, Bradford Iten to Luke Bishop, $146,000.

3766 County Road 170, Harmony Towhship, Jacklynn Hollingsworth to William Pauley, $73,000.

6246 State Route 97, North Bloomfield Township, Joann Cantrell to Lisa Raab, $120,000.

State Route 288, North Bloomfield Township, Margaret Thomson to Timber Crest LLC, $140,000.

Township Road 92, Perry Township, Joel Welch to Caleb and Brenna Cox, $100,000.

State Route 314, Perry Township, Raymond Smith to Dakota Smith and Federia Turner, $70,333.

State Route 42, Perry Township, Collins and Margarite Steensland, trustees, to Ervin and Barbara Hershberger, $250,000.

7452 State Route 314, Perry Township, Lyle and Donna Snavely to Ethan Hosey, $194,000.

3534 County Road 15, Peru Township, Lora Perry to Austin and Leah Boone, $248,000.

11 Main St., Sparta, Jerilyn Moreland to Travisand Morgan McClure, $150,000.

8154 County Road 50, Craig and Misty Zimmerman to Michael and Lori Vanderpool, $40,000.

County Road 61, Washington Township, Deborah Vecchiarelli to Carolyn Miller, $52,000.

8759 Township Road 34, Washington Township, Reid Thomas to David and Mary Caldwell, $399,000.

County Road 25, Westfield Township, Thomas Family Trust to Brian and Erin Barkley, $729,600.

Source: Morrow County Auditor