MOUNT GILEAD — Democrats of Morrow County banded together on Dec. 16 via Zoom to hold their first Blue Donkey Auction. The Auction made over $2,000 which is divided and donated to five local food banks, which are desperately in need of help as a result of COVID-19.

Lindsey Kohlenberg was the master of ceremonies, introducing each of the 29 items that had been baked, made, or donated by local Democrats. These included Jared’s Preposterous Peanut Butter Pie, Judith’s Sinful Cinnamon and Pecan Roll, Marnie’s Marvelous Death By Chocolate Cake, Marjorie’s Cheesiest Cheesecake, and Kim’s Scrumptious Caramel Pop Corn.

Some of the other items donated were Barack Obama’s latest book, A Promised Land, and Pete Souza’s book, An Intimate Portrait, two cases of Cara Cara oranges, and a stunning acrylic and oil painting by Beth.

Terry Sautter, professional auctioneer, made sure each of the bidders dug deep into their pockets to extract every last coin (and some lint) to help the food banks. Phone-in bids were accepted as well as direct donations.

Mike Porter continued his traditional role, begun as Mayor Mike, of gathering the funds into one pot and then dividing that pot between the pantries.

It was a very fun night and one that will benefit the people in Morrow County who have been hard hit by the pandemic, said Susan DeVol.

Acrylic and oil painting among items donated at auction. and oil painting among items donated at auction. Courtesy Photo

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