MOUNT GILEAD — The Mount Gilead Public Library is now offering a new online tutoring program.

Does your student need homework help? Are they having trouble understanding when doing virtual learning?

The Mount Gilead Public Library is providing free one-on-one virtual tutoring via Google Meet that may help.

Tutoring helps your student excel academically. This program is a FREE service for all Morrow County students and is offered for English, history, math and science. If you need assistance in a course that is not listed on our schedule, please email [email protected] with your specific request. Be sure to indicate grade level needed.

Tutoring is currently available by 30-minute appointments on Wednesdays only and will be done using Google Meet. (Other methods may be available upon request.) Sign up early to ensure your student gets the help they need.

If your student has a specific question, or would like help proofreading a paper or project, please have them send their work before their scheduled appointment. Tutors are able to assist with writing papers, but will not rewrite, or write, your students paper for them.

Additionally, tutors will utilize a free-standing white board to hand write problems. Please be sure your student knows how to take screenshots with their device.

Sign up today by completing the form at

Meeting with a tutor

• Start meeting with a tutor early. Although students can meet with a tutor at any time, tutoring is most effective if you begin early. Don’t wait until your student develop significant problems.

• Tutoring is offered free of charge and it is available for math, science, English and history. Other classes may be available upon request.

Benefits of tutoring

• You will gain a better understanding of the material from tutors who have mastered the coursework.

• You will be able to review key concepts from courses.

• You will be able to ask the questions you did not/could not ask in class.

• You will be better prepared to participate in class.

• You will learn new methods for note taking and textbook reading.

• You will be able to formulate questions to take back to professors about course material.

• You will learn new study strategies.

The Mount Gilead Public Library is committed to assisting students develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their coursework and in their academic, professional and personal pursuits.

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