MOUNT GILEAD — Just in time for the holidays, the 29th annual History Photo Calendar, published by the Morrow County Historical Society, is now on sale.

The theme of the 2021 edition is a look back at Morrow County’s “Oil Boom of the 1960s.”

For each month there are multiple pictures that graphically document the frenzied activities and altered landscape resulting from the discovery of oil, an event which put Morrow County on the world stage.

The limited-edition calendars are $10 each, and can be purchased at the Cardington Public Library, American Grub at Quick Stop in Edison, and at these locations in Mount Gilead: Sames & Cook Coffee Shop, Hartman Printing Company and Gardens & Gifts. Or, phone 419-946-7264 for information on mail orders.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendars are used for the Historical Society’s educational programs and upkeep of the group’s three facilities.

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